Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hero Arts challenge book

The Hero Arts blog challenge for this week brought me just the idea I had been looking for, for a while now.
I had the idea of making my own little personal 'book', to share with people that God loves them! I realised that I had so many opportunities to share but didn't really have the tools to do so in my own creative personal way. Of course I have always shared but now it's something more personal. Here is the link to the book.

For example, we picked up our son David from his holiday camp for handicapped people last Friday evening. I had been praying for a long time beforehand that God would favour David with one of the Adult carer's really having a heart for him and caring for him with special love and attention.... well that's just what happened! Meriem, a beautiful African woman was in tears when she had to part with him and I thought to myself - if only I had brought a little gift with me like a sachet of lavender for example from the garden, attached with my little book about God's love, wrapped it up nicely etc. and left it with her, maybe my phone number too, then I could have shared something of God's love for her in a creative way.
I have so many opportunities to do this, so now I have done it.

(A4 template)

As can be seen above, the bigger book is A4 size and the little book is A5 size, which is ideal. I can scan new copies or use a colour printer to make as many little books as I need, keeping them in my handbag to have handy when I need one.

The thing is there are many people that are seeking for something, or have a need, or whatever - God knows. Of course I had to try and minimize the message to the space I had, which wasn't easy, but I know if I pray for the person I give it too, it can be a seed which could become a plant in time nurtured by other people who God could bring along their path to water it etc.

I have made this one in English and hope to make one in Dutch and French. Once the template is made, you have your book for years to come.


Pages 1 and 2:

Pages 3 and 4:

Pages 5 and 6:

The back:

This is the book close-up, step for step.


  1. Jacqueline, this book, and the messages in it are beautiful! God bless you and your family.

  2. This book and your story is so beautiful Jacqueline....
    You are on angel on earth...

    A gorgeous angel...

  3. Love this beautiful message inside this beautiful book!... Thanks for sharing ...
    ... and I'm happy to announce you that i'm a new blogger!!!... ;)

  4. What a beautiful thing to do for people - and such an amazing opportunity to share Christ's love. The book is gorgeous.

  5. Heel leuk boekje, met een fijne afwerking

  6. I thought your book was lovely on the HA Flckr group and now that I know the story behind it... It becomes even more beautiful!

  7. Just love how you have done your mini book. Looks great. Thanks for popping into my blog.

  8. What a special work of heART Jacqueline!

  9. This is beautiful work Jacqueline
    isa xx

  10. wow thisis beautiful. I can imagine you giving it to someone in need of some of Gods wonderful love.
    It has given me an idea for a craft session at the club I help run.

  11. Such a special book and I am sure you will touch a good many hearts with them.

  12. A handmade book to share the gospel -- what a wonderful idea!
    It's a gorgeous book.

  13. Once again, Jacqueline, you share with us a post of inspiration and courage! I adore your beautiful idea and think it's perfect! It invites one to gather the courage to ask questions if they desire as well as an icebreaker of sorts to encourage one to witness. Hope that made sense, I feel you know exactly what I'm trying to say :)


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