Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello everyone! I am trying hard to find my way back into my world here, after being away for three weeks. The first two were in Huntly, Scotland where I had such a good time I didn't want to go back to France. I do not have the energy with the heat here (no air-conditioning) to go into details, but maybe over the course of time I will be able to share little bits. One thing I can tell you is that there was a huge Creativity Room in the Mansion we stayed in, which I visited often and even got two other ladies interested in Rubber stamping. There were three boxes full of Rubber stamps and some inks to use. On our last day we got a phone call from our son that our cat of 12 years had died of kidney failure. It was very sad.

On getting home, I had David for a week and this weekend we have had two English couples who direct offices of Derek Prince Ministries in England and China, for a board meeting, so I have been so busy. Creativity has taken a back place for the moment. I also have trouble with my eyes which I need to get sorted out.

It seems I have entered a new season with God, now the boys are leaving home, and I have to process it, which takes time. 

I was so happy to win some Blog candy on Virginia's blog, while I was away. I am looking forward to receiving it as it just might revive the spark I need to get into crafting again.

Whatever, I will see how it goes, thanks for listening and your understanding. Thanks to Betty K who sent me an e-mail. I have missed the crafting community.
God bless,