Friday, December 26, 2008

We have snow!

The vineyards

Our house

A tree heavily loaded in the garden

Joël home to be with his mum!

Well nothing like a change of weather! One day sitting in the sun and enjoying the warmth, the next day a white blanket covers the earth! It is really pretty to have some snow - it radiates a white light into the house and outside when the snowflakes bundle up and fall in huge flakes to the earth - the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful - I really loved just soaking that up outside this morning! I took some photos which I will share on my blog - I'm afraid the ones of me and my son Joël turned out blurred so I can't show those..


  1. Gorgeous!!!! Now how fun is that?????

    I'm curious what your temperature is right now... Over here, at 6:30 am it is three degrees F. And we have tons of snow!!!

    So, is that a pool in your backyard???????

  2. Now that's a real change in the weather! Do you get snow often? Here it was unseasonably warm on Christmas day; we had to turn on the air conditioning to be comfortable. Blessings!

  3. Prachtige foto's! Geniet van het sneeuwtapijt!

  4. Oooohhhh...snow in France.
    The picture is very beautiful Jacqueline. I love snow.
    We have (im Holland) very cold weather but not snow.
    You have a very nice and lovely home...!!!
    Enjoy this days!!!

  5. Very festive and beautiful. Your son is very handsome too!

  6. Wonderful photos!! Thanks so much for allowing us to see your world. It is mid-summer in Australia and it never snows, not even in the middle of winter. I especially love the picture of your vineyard covered in snow.
    Happy New Year!!

  7. Schitterende foto's.
    Ook voor jou en je familie een gelukkig, gezond en creatief 2009

  8. thanks for the peek at your home! Looks so beautiful! Snow too! We have feet of it here.....and only dream of being warm! It is 3* here tonight.....BRRR!


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