Thursday, May 14, 2009

A quick hello from Miami!

Adding a picture of our son Joël here, who turned 17 on the 14th of May! He was in Romania at the time and we are so thankful that his life has found meaning and hope in Jesus Christ!

Arrived Sunday afternoon at our Hotel on Miami beach after a 12 hours journey - three of those hours we were waiting in queues just to get into the U.S.!! Security is huge these days and quite a strain! I still feel I have jet-lag after four days! Pure determination got me to a Michael's and I found the beautiful craft things I was so longing for!! Some girls from the Hero Art's group had sent me some coupons for craft shops but I couldn't get the Michael's coupon printed out, it was invalid - so I thought well I will ask for it..... well they refused to give it to me.. until my DH came to pick me up and flashed a smile at the lady at the cash register and I got 40 percent off of a paper punch!!

(Me and Marabel)

We have had contact with Marabel Morgen - you remember the lady who wrote the book 'The Total Woman'? She lives here with her DH in Miami - they have a beautiful home and took us out to dinner at Joey's Stone Crab - that is apparently a very famous restaurant - it was such an experience!!
We have a beautiful room looking out over the Ocean and only hear the waves as we fall asleep!
I find the USA always a bit overwhelming! It takes me days to get used to everything! But it is SO GOOD to have a TOTAL BREAK with DH - brings alot of tiredness and other 'stuff' to the surface which you don't always know is there!


  1. Gorgeous photos of the view and of Marabel!
    How wonderful to be with the sun and beach and water!

    So.. not sure how I would take that 'my husband smiled and got the discount' thing! I guess some women are nicer to men than women! Oh well....
    Have a great rest of your trip and looking forward to seeing all your new goodies!

  2. Hi, Jacqueline! Congrats on making it to a Michael's. If you spy a Hobby Lobby, Joann's, or AC Moore while you are out and about, stop there too! Enjoy your R&R! :-)

  3. Awesome photos and the view, Jacqueline!! Glad you found some goodies from Michael's! Enjoy your vacation!!

  4. What a wonderful view! So glad you are relaxing on your holiday with your husband and you were able to visit with friends!

  5. Welcome to USA! Michael's is so much fun!

  6. how wonderful! i hope you had a wonderful time miami must be beautiful this time of year! Michaels is a good craft store, welcome to the US!

  7. Beautiful ocean view.....lucky you! It's been 8 years since I've dipped my toes in the ocean!
    Hope you can enjoy your time in the US...I'm sure I'd be overwhelmed on vacation on *your side of the world too!*

  8. Wat een prachtige foto van de zee en het strand van Miami, ik hoop dat je een prachtige vakantie had.
    Leuk dat je ook wat leuke dingen hebt kunnen meebrengen.

  9. beautiful and glad you are enjoying your stay in the states!!! So what did you think of Michael's over here! Still waiting for your big day....counting down! ;)

  10. Hi Jacqueline...hope you are having a wonderful time there. It has been years since I have been down to Miami but I always had a great time when I visited there.


Thanks so much for your visit - I so appreciate it!