Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage collage

A little vintage tag I made on holiday:


Our holiday in Spain was fantastic, every day sunshine, blue skies and high temps. The sea was crystal clear, even in the deep areas and it was great to see the fish and the rocks under the water. My son had taken a bottle of sea water back to the apartment which could easily of been mistaken for tap water, and put it in a bowl in the sun. After evaporation the salt residue filled up a quarter of a plastic cup!
We had a lovely relaxing time with two of our sons, visiting different beaches along the coast line of the Costa Brava. This is the only time I really get to eat fish too, I just love it, eating outside, looking over the sea. There is a constant smell of garlic, herbs and fish in the air as you pass by all the little cafés.

Another wonderful piece of news is that our son Michaël who was at Bible camp in Holland for a week was touched by the Lord, so much so that he asked his dad to pray with him to accept Jesus Christ into his heart! We saw our son emerge from the shadows into the full light of God's truth and once again saw how the Holy Spirit has the power to transform a human heart! Michaël had been searching for "proof" for a long time... he would come home from school confused and irritated after 'evolution" class and would be in discussion with his dad about it.
We knew that our prayers, but eventually God's faithfulness would have to give him the proof he needed! What a joy as parents to lead our own sons into this safe place of refuge and be able to start our day together with prayer as a family! To hear my son Joël play the guitar singing to the Lord is just a dream come true!

So that was just a little bit about me...


  1. Wat een heerlijk gevoel moet dat zijn, als het om iemand gaat die zo dicht bij staat! Wat meer kan je je kind wensen!
    Geniet ervan! En Layout is zo slecht nog niet, hoor. Ik vind het mooi!

    Be blessed!

  2. I love the tag you created, Jacqueline! Great combination of colors and patterns! I am happy you had a wonderful holiday!


  3. Hi Jacqueline

    Just had a trip round your blog, what wonderful artwork, love your style.

    B x

  4. That tag is just beautiful. Love that combo!
    Greetings from Denmark!

  5. I have tears in my eyes, I'm so happy for your wonderful news about Michael! Praise God, He is Faithful.
    So happy to hear of the great time you had in Spain and happy to have you back to blogging and creating lovely things, Jacqueline.

  6. Jacqueline, so glad to hear your good news -- what fruit the prayers of faithful parents can reap!
    Love to see the pictures of your boys -- I know you are so proud of all of them.
    Oh -- and your card is gorgeous. Such a unique shape and great detail to it!

  7. What a wonderful job you did here Jacqueline !! Great result !

  8. What a lovely vacation! Love the pictures you shared and the words as well! The tag is gorgeous. I sat and looked at it several minutes to enjoy all the lovely layers.

  9. Your vacation looks lovely...I am sure Spain must be a beautiful country. Also loved your piece..such a sweet image! :)

  10. Such a lovely tag! Your vacation looks like it was spectacular too!


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