Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We couldn't go!

Because of the photo below we were unable to make the trip to the North yesterday. I really needed a little break and find myself working in the office again today.. as usual! I am determined to take a good walk in the snow this afternoon and take some pictures. I wonder how my little daffodils are taking it! We had at least 20 inches of snow, something that is very rare in these parts. But the scenery is breathtaking!

Yesterday afternoon we were without electricity and homebound. David and Michaël couldn't go to school because the buses weren't running. And today is the same. But the sun is shining and the melting process has begun.

So, yesterday I had a little chance to see if the inspiration was there or not and found myself puzzling pieces together from my scrap basket. Kind of rediscovered the collage type of card I love to do.

JOHN 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Just to share a little bit - I don't know about in your part of the world but there is definitely a shift going on in the Spiritual world here, it seems that things are coming to the light in God's Church that have been covered and the Christians are searching for the True Church where Love and acceptance, unity and fellowship abides.

But it brings a battle because Light and darkness don't go together! We are all in a war, if we like it or not and have to wear our spiritual Armour to protect ourselves. We need to stay close to the Word of God to receive discernment concerning false doctrines, which will come, the Bible says. We need fellowship too, as a mirror, so that we don't think we know it all!

These last weeks we have felt the wind of change and it's unsettling - one has to adapt even though it's a positive change. I have felt oppression and wanting answers, but God doesn't always give answers, we have to believe every step of the way.
The other day I was so needing wisdom that I was thinking, who can I call, who shall I ask to help me.... I knew, the only One who can really help and give wisdom without reproach is the Lord. So after wrestling for half an hour in prayer, I stood up, without receiving a Word of wisdom - but I did have PEACE! I thought, isn't that just God?? He didn't give me wisdom because I knew deep down what I wanted was none of my business, but He did give peace which surpassed all my understanding!! I was blessed.... but do you know what? The next day, I needed to go back to the Father and receive again!! Luckily GOD is always there, just a prayer away.


  1. Wow!!!! Look at all that snow! Gorgeous sunny shot...

    Today is sunny, 22 degrees and the high will be 38... but no snow!

    Sorry you did not get to travel, but it sounds like you are at Peace...


  2. Beautiful cards, as always Jacqueline! Sorry the snow interrupted your travel - but the unexpected beauty is its own reward. Glad you've found peace in your thoughts.

  3. I never imagined you could get 20 inches of snow where you are at.
    It is the perfect time for crafting though and your cards came out beautifully. Love to see you do collage:)
    We can find peace in a lot of things, but nothing beats the peace that comes from God!

  4. Wonderful cards and it is great that you got to craft even if you couldn't travel...hope your snowed in days will be gone soon!

  5. Lovely picture, lovely cards, and lovely thoughts today, Jacqueline. You touched me today - thank you!

  6. And we've got gorgeous sunshine and + 13°C !!! how weird!

  7. My goodness Jacqueline... daffidols one day - so much snow the next. What a change. Love your cards in the post as well

  8. the snow pictures are a delight to look at, but I'm glad not to be in it. The arch card is beautiful.

  9. Your collage card are ALWAYS beautiful, and these are no exception. Thank you for sharing your faith and love of the Lord. It means a great deal to me to read your thoughts.

  10. Thanks for your thoughts on peace. Interesting about change/shift coming to the spiritual world where you are. Here, too. Your work is always beautiful and your blog is one I check almost daily. Lord Bless.

  11. Gorgeous cards. They are very springy with all the lovely green. Sorry about your trip. (I saw our first robin today) Spring is on it's way!

  12. Dear Jacqueline, please add a tag "Bibile verse on a card" to this post. Love love love the collage card!


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