Tuesday, August 17, 2010

French Post Stamp from Hero Arts

I wanted to share a new stamp today which I really love. It's called the French Post stamp and it's from Hero Arts.

(The top one is the stamp and the bottom one is another French Post stamp I found, only it's not an official 'stamp').

French post

I cut a piece of Webster's paper (thanks again Sue!) into a diecut shape, stamped, added the butterfly and the card was ready in no time. Note for Katie Scarlet - the butterfly is from the Antique Engravings Clear Stamp Set CL383 from Hero Arts. Notice the fountain on the paper and the next photo:

(As you can see, the fountain here is typical of the fountains found in lots of little French villages, also in ours.)

This is made with distress inks.

A little share:
"Let your yes be simply yes, and your No be simply No.." Math.5:37

Did you know that God takes you very seriously? To give you an example.. after the holidays I felt a little bit isolated living in a secluded area, next to a dentist that was shut for the holidays and well, having seen tons of people every day to seeing hardly a living soul - I really felt it. So I thought - who better to talk to about this than to a loving Heavenly Father? So I did... later on in the day as I was crafting, the phone went. A cousin of DH called to say that he and his family were on holiday about an hour's drive from where we live and they wanted to come round and see us. Well, I thought, hmmm that prayer was answered very quickly. So I said, I'll put you through to René. A little later a radiant René pops his head around the door and says that his cousin and family will be arriving tomorrow and staying the night - you know they have four girls don't you?!! OK God, I didn't say I wanted to cater for a whole family of six for two days during my holiday.....

I don't know about you but immediately I felt the Lord's Hand - yes, it does mean that I should show hospitality, kindness and love to people - I gave my day to God in full surrender to His Plans - I don't have the right to let my 'flesh' choose and pick how my day looks like! Thank You Lord for giving us another opportunity to witness of your Love for everybody that crosses our paths.

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous cards! Love the first one with the fountain and the lovely blend of colors and images. Just love looking at all the details you put together. The second card has so many lovely colors with your distress inks blended. Beautiful!

  2. Aaah, gorgeous cards, Jacqueline! I'm sitting here this morning with my coffee and noticed you had posted. What a beautiful way to start my morning. Thanks for your inspiration, both artistic and spiritual. :)

  3. Both cards are so beautiful. I love your new stamp.. Perfect for your creations. I just love hearing your Inspirational message. Thank you!

    Hugs, Linda

  4. This stamp is a perfect match for you! Love your creations and that Webster paper is yummy!!!

    I appreciate your share today regarding the talk/prayer with God. That was fast!

    I had a similar 'just show hospitality' situation last week. Two co-workers, young ladies who both work full-time wanted to stay at our place, so they could save on travel dollars. It meant I had to drop everything.. to clean, get ready, prepare dinner, etc. for company. We had a beautiful time!

  5. I love how easily you share your heart and your life, even those minor missteps of attitude. You always uplift and inspire me. Your cards today are very lovely, so feminine. I love the photo of the fountain in the village, so charming.

  6. Beautiful cards, Jacqueline! That stamp was made for you! Love coming here. Your inspiration goes so far beyond just making cards. Thank you!

  7. Just amazing how you've incorporated both of those stamps on one card, so beautiful!

  8. Soooo beautiful - the cards and the vacation. So happy for you.

    Can you share who makes the butterfly stamp in the first card? It's the perfect size and shape and I'd love to have it in my collection of butterflies!


  9. Prachtige kaartjes Jacqueline.
    Vooral deze met de fontein heeft iets speciaals!!!

  10. Your good heart shows through on your designs and how beautifully you select your colors, etc...always inspiring too.
    Cynthia Schelzig

  11. Your 'talk to God' experience is a real blessing to read!

    That stamp is truly lovely, and I know that you'll use it in more lovely creations.

    Welcome back to blog-land!

  12. Your cards are lovely.
    Thank you for the reminder of surrendering. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  13. beautiful cards, Jacqueline! you always know how to combine different stamps beautifully! love them both!

  14. Love the new stamp -- and your new creations, too. I'll bet you were glad to be home at least to craft a little? (From four boys to four girls is quite a difference, isn't it?)

  15. Beautiful card and I agree, those stamps are wonderful! May have to look for them. :)

  16. I had to laugh at your answered prayer--we have to be careful what we ask for, we might get it!! I do appreciate what you said about not letting the flesh pick and choose how the day looks. Such wisdom, thanks for sharing. By the way, I really enjoy your cards too, and have "scraplifted" from a few of them!


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