Saturday, April 2, 2011

Problem with commenting?

Hello dear friends,
I have had a couple of e-mails and heard from different sources that people can't comment on my blog.
I honestly don't know what to do about it.
Can anyone help me?
I also never get Google alerts although I have done all the right things.
Also, all of a sudden I have to sign in everytime I visit the flickr gallery - never had to do that!
Is there somebody out there who can help me.... if you can leave a comment ???

Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Jacqueline.... sounds like heaps of issues for you. I can comment here, but it is different to usual. Usually I can still see your page but this time it's gone to blogger page. Hope it all comes right for you. Hugs

  2. I can comment but don't know anything about any of the other problems. I hope you can sort it out quickly.

  3. I can comment just fine. You might try checking your Comments settings in your Dashboard. Click on Settings then on Comments. Look at WHO CAN COMMENT. If you have it set to anything but ANYONE, that might be the problem. If COMMENT MODERATION is set to ALWAYS, you can let Anyone comment and it's not going to be a major problem. You might also change the COMMENT FORM PLACEMENT to EMBEDDED BELOW POST. That might help as well.

    For Flickr, that sounds like a problem with your Cookies settings in your browser. Another possible cause is that you are deleting all your Cookies at the end of each browsing session. That would make you have to log in every time. So check your settings to make sure you have them enabled. And if you are also deleting cookies each day or what-not, either don't do that, or just know that in doing so you are going to have to sign into Flickr each time.

    It's also really unwise to post your email address anywhere on your blog. It invites spambots to harvest it and then use it to send you spam, or to spoof it and send spam to others so that it appears to be coming from your email. Most people don't realize this. So the best thing to do, if you must post your addy, is to spell it out like this: cartes34 at hotmail dot com.

    Hope something in this helps. Feel free to email me via my Profile if I can help further.

  4. Hi Jacqueline. I left a comment this morning, I thought it took, but this evening I noticed it's gone. Let's see if this one takes! Love these beautiful pieces of art ... gorgeous!

  5. I never have problems leaving a comment and I hope things do work out. Internet and computers can be very frustrating now and then......:)
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Wow this is amazing such beautiful work.



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