Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello from France. A huge thank you once again for all the lovely and uplifting comments you left me on my last post, it was so encouraging!
It has been a very busy time. The funeral of my MIL took place last week - it was a beautiful good-bye to her, although very sad, and the thought of having to miss her.. just for who she was, is hard. I have visitors staying in our home until tomorrow for meetings for the Missionary work we do here in France. A time of sharing and prayer but also enjoyment and laughter... for everything on earth there is a time, says Proverbs in the Bible.

I did manage to make a quick card from the scrap basket that I can share today.

 And I was very lucky that this butterfly stayed sitting on this flower without moving while I took a shot.

I will try my best to visit the blogs in the coming days!! Hope you are all well!
Jacqueline x


  1. Eine schöne Karte, liebe Jacqueline.
    Alles wird gut...

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi Jacqueline - thanks for the update - good to hear you're enjoying the time with family and friends. Love your pretty card - beautiful layering! What a fabulous shot of that gorgeous butterfly too! Sending hugs!

  3. You are quite the photographer these days, my friend! Amazing pic of the butterfly and your "scrap basket" card is a beauty! Keeping you in my prayers as you get used to missing your beloved MIL...sending you lots of hugs too~

  4. Wow, how wonderful this precious butterfly stayed right in front of your lens Jacqueline, must be God sent... Love your card, it looks beautiful!

  5. Hello Jacqueline, blessings to you and your family......Your card is very beautiful as is the gorgeous butterfly......great photo !!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  6. Your card looks so pretty. I just love your style.. And what a great photo.. I love to try to catch photos of butterflies.. Not to many here in the desert..


  7. Blessings to you and your family! Thanks for sharing this beautiful card! I can't help but think that my "scrap" basket must not be as good as yours!!! LOL! Yours is definitely more inspiring than mine!

  8. a pretty card Jacqueline. Such a beautiful photo too, of the butterfly. How lucky that it stayed still for you to take the photo. Still sending prayers for you and your family.

  9. A truly beautiful card Jacqueline.

  10. I think of you and lift you up in prayer when I do!
    What a truly beautiful card! LOVE how you used the frame stamp on the text!

  11. Dear Jacqueline, thank you for visiting my blog and sharing my life and joy. You're very thoughtful. Beautiful card and photo of the butterfly.

    Will you be sharing another of the four 'A's soon? Thank you for edifying thoughts on marriage.

  12. Beautiful card & I love your butterfly photos.

  13. i am so so sorry for your loss; sending my condolences and prayers....

    Yes I love the card but the news of your MIL made me feel a bit uncomfortable to write something about the card...althoug it really is gorgeous

  14. Hi Jacqueline! I am so sorry to hear about your Mom-in-Law! All my love to you, your hubby and family, I am thinking of you! Thank you for sharing this most exquisite card today! Hugs, Brenda

  15. hi Jacqueline,

    I really thought a lot about you and your family.
    For me it was a hard week too.
    my really good friend lost her mother .she had cancer, and the end was so quick.
    she asked me to sing 3 pieces at the funeral.
    this was one of the hardest things to do in my life, because i knew the mother also.
    But i had the strength to do it, and was happy that the family was so grateful.
    tha day after (yesterday ) i sang another concert.
    today i will have to rest and search for new energy.
    Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you!!


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