Thursday, September 13, 2012

Distress Markers

I can't help it, I have to post some more photos, taken by a professional. I hear you, wanting to see a photo of me at the wedding, but I haven't found one yet... it will come.

In the mean time I celebrated my birthday and we had some visitors, friends of ours we hadn't seen in 24 years so we went out to dinner last night. Its been so busy but I am enjoying every minute of every day!

Onto distress markers... wanting to try something different, and to get more use out of my stamps, here are some cards made solely with distress markers, I can really recommend them.

 Stamps are Hero Arts!

For this card I used a background Seed Packet stamp from Artistic Outpost which can be found here. I am entering it into the September referral programme.

and lastly

Thanks for your lovely comments left on my last post, I enjoy and appreciate every one!!
Have a great day!


  1. Stunning photo! So artistic and beautiful! Love all your cards! Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful! The cards are fantastic!

  2. Happy Birthday Jacqueline.
    I enjoyed seeing your son's wedding photos and am pleased you had a wonderful day.
    The latest cards are fabulous, you have really brought them to life with the distress markers.
    Hope we see some more cards like this soon.
    Best wishes, Freda

  3. Beautiful photo and beautiful cards ... Happy Birthday too!

  4. Love your cards! Belated birthday wishes from another early September birthday celebrator! The wedding photo is gorgeous, too. Thanks for sharing. Isn't fun to catch up with old friends. It's just like you have seen them yesterday. The connections remain no matter ow long the separation! Best, Yvonne

  5. The wedding photos are stunning - such a beautiful couple.
    Loving your cards as well.
    Happy belated birthday

  6. Happy birthday Jacqueline, how wonderful you had such a great day. Lovely photos, black and white is always stylish. Love your cards, stunning work!

  7. Goodness, where do I start? Fabulous photos (that dress - oh my goodness!) and awesome cards, they're always so inspiring.

  8. Happy Birthday Jacqueline! I still love that wedding dress, wow! You are inspiring me to get out my Distress Markers. I love every card you created here, I just love how the colours sort of "run". Just beautiful!

  9. what amazing photos of the wedding. And your cards are all stunning.

  10. WOW.. What a gorgeous post. First the photos and then your cards. That wedding dress is so beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to you my friend.


  11. Hi Jacqueline, Hope you enjoyed your birthday ! The happy couple look splendid....what beautiful photos to keep and treasure !
    Your cards are superb, as always you manage to enthrall us with your fabulous artwork !!!
    Blessings and hugs
    Chris richards

  12. what a beautiful couple and so are your cards.

  13. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. It was a lovely day, Im sure. The cards are beautiful. You are so talented and I always love your stamp, paper and color choices. I have some of the Distress Markers and you're inspiring me to really start using them. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love what you are doing with those markers....I'm not surprised that you like them!

  15. So sorry to have missed all the birthday clues here, but am glad that you were able to enjoy your birthday month with all your family and friends -- and blessed with good health!

  16. Beautiful photos!! And a great bunch of cards! Love the colors and sketches!! And a happy belated birthday!

  17. Vos créations sont magnifiques!
    retrouvez les dans ma galerie Pinterest

  18. Gorgeous cards & equally gorgeous photos.

  19. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Beautiful wedding photos! Fabulous stamped cards using the Distress Markers!

  20. Wonderful photos and cards!! Jacqueline, you look sooo beautiful, just gorgeous!!! I love your new hairstyle so much! sending hugs, Susanne

  21. Beautiful cards, Jacqueline! The distress markers give such a softness to those creations.


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