Monday, January 7, 2013

Claire's challenge to post an old draft

I am joining in Claire's challenge here to post an old draft.
Well, this draft is from way back in 2011, didn't have one earlier that had any card photos. I have left it, as is.
I have seen that if you have the right tools you not only get the job done but it speeds up the process! For instance, when I distressed the background panel for these cards I changed my sponge and used an applicator and got a much smoother look. These are for our Church Missions project and I hope to be able to donate some much needed funds for African projects.
Besides, I find myself more motivated to create when I know it is for a meaningful destiny. So I'm always looking for simple, quick, effective designs and once again, if you have the tools, the job is done quickly. Shabby card

I'm learning from Carole's blog how to layer cards with paper, I think she does a tremendous good job. Once again I've seen if you don't have the right tools you don't get the job done.
Thank you, Claire!


  1. Love all these hydrangea cards, Jacqueline! The mix with the text or script background is a favorite thing of mine, too!

  2. Yes, having the right tool makes for a better card.
    Thanks for the link to Clare's blog...I have some paper layering to learn as well:)

  3. The hydragema flower is just wonderfull and so are your cards.

  4. Lovely cards, really like the last embossed card, such pretty coloring!

  5. These cards are so pretty. I just love that stamp.


  6. This is such a beautiful design Jacqueline! And I agree about making cards for a good cause, it just makes the process so much more pleasing really.

  7. I always love looking at your fabulous hydrangea cards Jacqueline, for they have that special little something!

  8. These cards are beautiful, Jacqueline. Love the gentle hydrangeas, And that delicate vellum butterfly is simply stunning.
    Have a blessed Sunday.


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