Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I know, it has been quiet around here. I haven't been inspired for quite some time. We were away last weekend, as DH and I were invited to share our testimony of how God has worked in our marriage in a Church in the region - not often that we get an opening like that but I really pray to be an instrument in His Hand to bless others.

I can report that David is doing well. It has been difficult because I saw so much sadness in his eyes the last couple of times when I picked him up for the weekend, it really upset me. I think he felt abandoned. All of a sudden he would cry for no apparent reason. I never know really what is troubling him as he doesn't talk... I was able to give him as much love as possible and his battery was recharged to go back on Monday. When I fetched him last time, I saw a sparkle in his eyes again and that reassured me. I asked many people to pray and God is so faithful to answer prayer!

I also want to share a link to a story I read this morning on Ross's blog here. How God see's a lonely person in a huge crowd and is able to answer a need through a little girl. It will encourage you. Isn't God wonderful!!
God went so far in His Love that He gave His Son to die on a Cross because our sins had separated us from Him and justice had to be done. The most beautiful word God ever gave is the word GRACE - it means 'totally undeserved merit' - and He still gives it freely every day.

Last night I was looking through my cards and I got inspired by this one by Helle:

This is the second time I am casing her beautiful card. I enjoyed the process so much!

I used the Swirl Frame stamp from Hero Arts to make a little fence, which I stamped after I had lightly distressed the panel and stamped some flowers on it. I added some stamped hearts, a postmark and some script as well as some French tekst and a diecut ribbon. I couldn't get my colors any darker because my distress inks are running dry..

Hope you are all doing well!

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  1. Jacqueline such a beautiful card you cased and your card! They both are lovely. Sounds like you have been busy and worried which always impact the ability to create. Glad to hear David had a good week.

  2. Thank you for sharing your family with us. I will say a prayer for you and your family. God bless and have a wonderful day.
    What sweet card you have done. Love collaging and I need to do more on my cards.

  3. So soft and romantic looking, Jacqueline! I love that frame stamp used as a fence!

    Good to hear that David seems happier to you now. I think all of us have days when we are a bit sad; and, as his mother, you would pick up on that much faster than others. The Lord will take care of him and I pray that He will give you peace, too.

  4. Thank you for the link to the Valentine story, it is such a neat idea of something to do that will lift spirits and point to Jesus!

  5. Love your beautiful card ... and I'm glad I shared my story ...

  6. LOVELY post this morning. Thanks
    Your collage leads me to keep trying..and work on NOT getting things MUDDY!
    Your card is beautifully bright and cheery:)

  7. Dag Jacqueline,
    Wat moeilijk moet dat voor je zijn geweest om in de ogen van David te zien dat het niet goed ging met hem, terwijl hij het je niet kon zeggen. Fijn dat het nu weer beter gaat!
    Mooie kaart heb je gemaakt!
    lieve groet,

  8. Hallo Jacqueline, Wat fijn dat je weer een een kleine sprankeling zag in Davids ogen, het moet toch steeds weer moeilijk voor je zijn om hem los te laten . Het andere verhaal was heel mooi om te lezen en hoe mooi zou het zijn om elke dag zo'n kaart uit te kunnen delen aan alle mensen. En dan je kaart, heel erg mooi. X

  9. Hi Jacqueline. Your card is stunning. I love how you use the HA Frame stamp to the fense. It's very creative.

    I'm glad that my card Can inspire you and especially when you are my Big creative rolemodels.

  10. Yes I love the card but the story of David really touched me. It has been a big step to have him leaving the house . And seeing him feeling "lonely and abandoned"is so very hard for a mother (and fathers). Yes there is a Heavenly Father but that does not always take away the pain. Although he does bring comfort. ( Hard to write this in Englsih but I hope you know what I mean, My intentions are sincere)

  11. Great post today Jacqueline. So happy that David is happier and you are too. You know that the right decision has been made, Your card is beautiful too. And thanks for sharing Ros's story.

  12. What a beautiful card. Once again I have to say how much I love your style. I read that post over at Ros's blog the other day what a touching story. God is there when we need him. I will say a prayer for you and David.


  13. so good to hear things are going well with David.... your card is just gorgeous, lovely way to combine the stamps, pretty punched border too!

  14. How wonderful to hear that David is doing fine Jacqueline, so happy for you all. Love your beautifully cased card, well done!

  15. You're card is really beautiful, Jacqueline!

    Have a nice weekend!

  16. What a lovely card, soft colours that still look cheery. I love the way you use one stamp many ways and enjoy visiting your blog. Kind regards

  17. What a beautiful interpretation of Helle's card Jacqueline! I was sorry to hear what you said about David and then relieved when the following weekend he seemed much better! You are such a positive influence in peoples lives, I doubt anyone could stay saddened for long when in your company! Hugs to you xxx


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