Monday, October 13, 2014

Scramble on the Hero Arts Flickr group

Hello to all. Yesterday morning it was raining and I was looking forward to a 'colder, refreshing day', but the sun came out again and even today the weather is rather summery.
Hubby has been in Orlando, Florida for a week for a Missions Trip and because traveling in six planes to and fro is too tiring for me, unfortunately I had to stay at home.

And so on to my card which I made for the Scramble over on the Flickr gallery of the Hero Arts group on Sunday morning and the theme was Fall.

 I have a little share which so blessed me. A lady at work gave me a birthday gift a while ago and I never shared it, so here it is. It might give you some inspiring ideas with your creativity!

She probably guessed I love chickens! I love the felt wing and crown and the red fabric for the body.

 Then I was out and about in my garden this morning. Collecting the eggs, and yes there were three again (one of them is plastic..) and time to plant violets for the winter to give color to the garden. Those tomatoes, will they ever go red? And who let the chickens out onto my veranda! So thankful for living close by Nature!


And of course I still have to share a photo of me and my son as I had the honor of leading him to the alter before he met his bride! I mean, I am tall, but he is the tallest in the family!

And this picture looks like a fairy-tale!
That's all from my side of the world! Blessings to you all!


  1. Lovely card and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That little birdy on your card is just too beautiful! However, just today, that pink car with those huge eyelashes may be taking the trophy! What precious photos Jacqueline, thank you for sharing that with us!

  3. fabulous card Jacqueline and thanks for sharing your life with us. The last photo of your son and DIL in the fabulous pink card is such a fun one.

  4. Lovely post with gorgeous creations and beautiful photos ... Have a lovely week!

  5. Beautiful photos of your family. Love seeing wedding photos. : ) They make me happy.
    Lovely photos of your collage photos of your garden. Fresh eggs, what a treat. A beautiful fall card and what an adorable little gift you received. Love the little chicken she added, a great touch.
    have a lovely week.

  6. Lovely card Jacqueline! I enjoy reading your blog, and seeing the lovely photos of your garden. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fabulous post Jacqueline, such lovely photos. Your Autumn card is so pretty!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  8. LOVE the newlyweds in the pink car!! TOO fun!
    You look Very happy with your son:)
    Lovely collage of stamps on your card. Such a sweet soft chicken on the gift from your friend.
    Your garden grows Very well:)

  9. Lovely fall card Jacqueline and it was nice to see a picture of the newly wedded couple and of a proud mother with her son. Your husband is in Orlando which is only 2 and a half hours away from me. Too bad you couldn't make the trip, it would be so lovely to meet you someday.

  10. Lovely card, such a sweet gift from your friend and your pictures are wonderful, looks like a great day!

  11. Jacqueline, Thanks for stopping my by blog made my day. Enjoyed your blog and this post. Love all the photo's especially the pansies(or Jumping Johnies), tomatoes and eggs! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  12. What a pretty card, Jacqueline. Love the Fall leaves swirling above your sentiment and that sweet bird.
    The wedding photos are wonderful, I'll bet it was fun time for everyone. Your son and daughter-in-law are a gorgeous couple, Best Wishes to all!

  13. Such a special post, Jacqueline! This is a feast to my eyes. The wedding picture is wonderful, what a fun car! Love the photo collage you've made! Blessings to you!

  14. A huge congrats to the family on the new couple! Beautiful photos and cards!

  15. Wonderful photos--you have a great eye for composition. I love your posts, and absolutely LOVE your beautiful cards!

  16. Congrats on the new wedding couple..yes he is so tall and so handsome and pretty wife he has too :-) send my regards please to the new coiple..your first card really inspired me..I will tell you after I post my card that inspired by adorable and love the colors and love the vintage look are a queen at Vintage card Jacqueline..and the birthday gift you got is soo soo are so lucky...this is a sweet gift I ever seen :-)

    Hugs, Monika in Munich


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