Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello everyone. I have had a creative weekend. The inspiration has been flowing to other things lately. First time in ages I succeeded in making a tag too with two strips of patterned paper and a tag base I found in a patterned paper pad.

I really want to THANK all of you who commented on my grand-daughter in my last post. I truly did not expect so much love, so it was such a blessing! But, I have not seen more of her than the photo I posted. Not saying this as a bad thing, but my son and family live in Holland and I will be seeing my granddaughter for the first time in June. In June our eldest son, Rodney is getting married. He is the boy who had his colon removed due to a genetical illness. He found the girl of his dreams. As you may know, Rodney is a christian and his deepest wish was to marry a girl who shares the same Biblical faith. Lola, his financé came to know the Lord two months after they met. Talk about miracles! We were introduced to her on a Sunday afternoon last year in October and we really felt that the Lord's Hand was on her life. During our conversation, my hubby started talking about Jesus with her and she was very open. All of a sudden she started sobbing and she said she felt something heavy on her heart was lifted.... the Holy Spirit Himself just drew her to Him and she became a child of God. Yes, it can be as easy as that! We are so thankful!

Here is a photo of Rodney and Lola.

Secondly, a lot of my creativity has gone to repainting old cupboards. I picked up a gem a couple of weeks ago. It was a dirty old corner cupboard in brown and white which I painted a very rustic gray color. I love the rustic style so most of my painting is submitted to sand paper after I have finished to give it an old look. This one I might just leave as is... it fit perfectly into a corner where I wanted it!

I also want to share a photo I took of my wall one morning while I was praying. I looked up and saw how the light filtering through the window left beautiful shadows of the leaves and foilage but I didn't expect to see the big heart! I suddenly realised that I had been reading and meditating  1 Corinthians 13 about the LOVE of God! How Love is not resentful and irritated, not seeking it's own way etc. I think that God was giving me a nudge in the right direction!

Before I share my card, I want to say a huge thanks for the comments I get. I have not been on the blog a lot. My eyes hurt if I am on the computer too much and to have to make a photo, upload it, write a blog post, find the photo etc. it all takes time. So I go with the flow and when I have something to share I do.

Here is the card I made. I rarely make cards without birds, I think its just a weakness!

Life is beautiful!
Until next time,
Jacqueline x


  1. What a beautiful story of Lola's coming to the call of Jesus! It is a blessed day when our children come to know the Lord as LORD of their lives:)) Congratulations on the sweet new grand, I'm sure you are so excited to hold her!
    And I find daily reminders like your Heart reflection to be as warm hugs from our heavenly Father:) LIFE is Good:)

  2. always love reading your posts - so pleased about your son and his beautiful fiancee - and your corner cupboard is wonderful - take care - hugs

  3. My eyes got slightly wet after reading your post, Jacqueline. So much happiness and miracles....I am happy for you and your family. Congrats to Rodney and his fiancee! They are such an adorable couple! Your creativity never cease to amaze me! Love your artful creations and thanks for sharing your happenings! Blessings to you!

  4. Great post, Jacqueline - love your beautiful tag and card - your birds are the best! Congrats to your son and fiancee!

  5. Congratulations to Rodney and Lola! That is such exciting news. It is not a weakness of yours to use the birds (and the butterflies) in your card making. It's just that gift from God for creating that keeps popping up and inspiring all of us. We are thankful for that. Recently, I've been creating cards from the wine labels I ordered from you and I'm having so much fun. So far, I've only sent one as a thank you note to my daughter, for I've just been enjoying looking at the rest! But I will create some more so I will have cards to send out! LOL! Both your tag and your card are lovely and I need to consider using some birds on my wine label cards! :)

  6. God is so good, and you have been so richly blessed with your family and the new members joining it. Thank you for sharing the news. Your cupboard looks beautiful, and the heart on the wall is so 'God" :-).
    Love your beautiful card - your birds always make me smile.

  7. Beautiful creations Jacqueline ... And I am so happy for your son, after all his suffering he is now finding his happiness ... Enjoy your day

  8. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog post with us Jacqueline! God is truly everywhere! I love the sign HE gave you!
    You've done an awesome job with that corner cupboard, and your birdie card is wonderful too, as always!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. So happy for your son Rodney and his recovery. God is good. So happy to hear that Lola knows the Lord. Bless them both and may God continue to guide them in their new journey together.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  10. It's the first time I have commented on your lovely blog but I just had to say that it's lovely that your son has found the girl of his dreams. I was in a similar situation when I married my husband 19 years ago. Now we are so happy to share our lives with the Lord.

    I love your bird tag, I bought this stamp a while ago because of the cards you have made with him. Lovely!

  11. Hi Jacqueline! You mentioned that your eyes hurt being on the computer. Mine used to as well, until I got a pair of glasses that are for wearing when at the computer. I normally have trifocals and found them annoying and so I had my computer ones made and it is much better. Not sure if that is your problem, but just thought I would mention it.



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