Friday, July 15, 2016


A new wave of terror has hit Nice and we have had destructive forest fires with high winds destroying 400 hectares of land in one day here in our area! The high winds have not helped the fire-fighters who have been out in full force helped with Canadairs and Trackers. One village had to evacuate completely. The billows of smoke can be seen for miles. Between France and Spain, the border faces 35 miles of cars carrying people on their way to their holiday destination, stuck in traffic!

But there is good news because God still reigns!

At the moment I am on holiday and the temperatures have not been above 30°C this week so I crafted a bit and made this tag.
Made with snippets of patterned paper, a diecut and two swallows.

Our Rodney and Lola had a beautiful wedding.

I am very tired and need rest and recuperation. I still hope to post now and again. Many greetings and have a wonderful summer holiday!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to share this post, Jacqueline! My heart goes out to the Nice Attack very sad to see. I hope the forest fire in your area is under control now. This summer, we have our share of Canadian forest fire in Alberta and it was devastating. Among all this, we must remember the good and the kindness. God reigns and that is good news indeed.

  2. Beautiful card Jacqueline ... I'm so sorry about the news ... We in the UK are devastated and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected...

  3. We heard about the tragic news, our hearts go out to the victims of Nice.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding photos or you son and daugther-in-love.

  4. Beautiful tag, Jacqueline. So sorry about the tragic and senseless loss of life in Nice.

  5. My heart goes out to those in Nice, particularly the families of the victims, and I continually pray that this senseless terror everywhere in the world will end. I, too, believe that God is in charge, but mankind does not listen.
    Blessings on you and your family and congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  6. so nice to see your post and the pics of Rodney & Lola - rest up and take care - hugs.

  7. So sorry to hear about the fires Jacqueline, hope you are remaining safe. The world is such a sad place lately, scary things happening all over. On a brighter note, much happiness to the bride and groom, the pictures are lovely.

  8. Oh Jacqueline I pray your holiday brings you peace, restoration and recreation. The horror in France is chilling, and those fires sound scary.
    Love your tag - so elegant.

  9. My heart aches for all the families and citizens hurt by the terror. We felt it all the way over here, in our hearts. Peace to you, and get lots of rest. xo

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with your country as you face such horrific things. May God bring peace and strength in the days ahead. The wedding pictures look great, Congrats to them! Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Thinking of you and all those affected by these tragedies in France right now Jacqueline. I hope you can get the rest you need. As always, your work is very inspiring. Sending you hugs.


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