Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hello ladies, hope you are all well!
I found a die cut which I LOVE and is of course another way of using up the papers! It's just another way of making puzzles, mixing and matching with patterns and colors.

My card size here is 4.5x4.5". I diecut once on kraft paper for the frame and then I diecut some left-over papers. I placed the frame on dimensional tape and filled in the gaps.
I can see this becoming a lovely pastime in the future.

Via pinterest I was inspired to use up the window envelopes which drop in the letterbox from time to time. I found some pictures from magazines I liked and glued the vellum window which had been cut out leaving at least a centimetre margin, to the picture. I then cut out the picture with the frame and sewed it onto a large tag which I then decorated with a diecut leaf and other embellishments.

It gives such satisfaction to recycle in a creative way!


  1. i think you win the prize for being the most creative recycler (not sure that's a real word)-everyone one of your creations is wonderful-love how the card looks like a patchwork quilt!

  2. So pretty and satisfying! Thank you for sharing with us you creative finds!

  3. Thanks again for another very creative idea. I actually saved a couple of window envelopes (in pristine condition) recently because I thought maybe, I could use them somehow! Of course, they were out of sight, out of mind until I saw yours. I was thinking in terms of a card, but your tags are so beautiful, I might have to start there. I just received a frame die in the mail today and it looks to be the perfect size to combine with the window envelope vellum for a card. Thank you for inspiring us to be creative with what we have!

  4. Love your new die and how you used your scrap papers to create a work of ART!
    What is the name and company to purchase the die - I love it too. The tags are awesome too! Thanks! Diann

  5. Beautiful quilt card, Jacqueline! Just love the patterns you combined!!

  6. Absolutely love those photo tags! I'm going to use that idea in my scrapping.

  7. I so love the quilted look of your card and those tags are just gorgeous, great recycling idea and lovely embellished!


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