Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hero Arts weekly challenge - Holiday cards

Nice to get a move on with the Christmas cards. Here are a couple of entries to the Hero Arts website.

This first card is using the tree I used in my last posts - I just got a 'coup d'inspiration' so to say and it was made in no less than 10 minutes. Think I will make more of these. The snow is made with a SU! stamp dated from 1997 which I bought via a lady from Two Peas a couple of years ago. I wanted to create a scene I could call 'Peace'.

This second card is made using the stamp 'Sketchbook flowers' from HA. I happened to see it on sale so I didn't hesitate! It is quite multi-functional, so I made the investment.


  1. very pretty Christmas cards; I am making mine right now; using blue also! It's fun to make cards while getting ready for a possible hurricane.

  2. Both beautiful cards! The blue one is just wow to me. Great job


  3. I would have never have thought of that tree stamp for winter. You did a mravelous job with your scene...beautiful.
    Love the shabby chic look on your second one, too. As always, the cut out flowers make it pop.

  4. Absolutely beautiful...I love that stamp !
    I have enjoyed popping in and reading your blog x

  5. Lovely! I like that stamp. Haven't seen it here. I didn't even realize the pearls were on the stamp. I just thought they were a beautiful touch. :)

  6. Beautiful cards! I especially love the top card with the the bling!

  7. Great cards! Love the winter card. Really gorgeous!

  8. oh my....I LOVE the first card...the bling on the trees are just perfect! Nice soft colors....I love that stamp!

    As for the second card.....I would not have a clue what to do with that stamp...and look at you go!! I love your blingy ribbon....the perfect techniques on the fun!!!

    Have I told you lately that I *LOVE* your blog?! :)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful cards! Love the details!


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