Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Exciting news

Just spent a mini-weekend in our favourite Spanish coastal spot as an advanced pressie for my birthday 11/09 from DH!! Actually, it went together with a little bit of sad news (because I will miss him) which isn't really sad, it's fantastic in the long run.... we put our son Joël, 16 years, on a plane heading to the Netherlands last Sunday where he will be attending a Bible School together with 80 other students for a year! It was totally his own choice, having recently definately made his choice to serve the Kingdom of God and follow Jesus. He is the first one of our sons to take this step! It is an answered prayer for me!
This is Joël now, and when he was three years old - such a great guy to have around! We are so thankful.
There will be alot of practical work to do too as I know that a trip to Romania to practically help people in building projects will be something he will be involved in.

I made a little book for him as a souvenir with photos of the family in it.

I have also been busy trying to think of something for the challenge at Hero Arts, which is to make a holiday card. I must admit that I am not super inspired at the moment so I hope to have another go later in the week.
Note to Michelle of Inspiration Blooms - I am finally using the Christmas paper you sent me.... thanks!


  1. Oh, my, I feel for you Jacqueline!
    That is awfully young to let your baby go.
    But what a joy to know his heart's desire is to serve the Lord.
    Great idea to make the book for him. It warms my heart when I see my son treasuring some of the books and cards I've made for him:)

  2. Oh, What fantastic news! I am so proud of Joel. God Bless him as he learns his place in the kingdom!

  3. Buon viaggio to your son. What a wonderful thing he is doing. I see your getting a start on the holiday cards; that is also on my list.

  4. You are justifiably so pround of Joel. May God really bless him in his new environment and studies. My prayers for him, and the rest of the family left behind.

  5. Congratulations to Joel for following his heart. I know you must be so proud and honored to be his mom. I am amazed at the wisdom of such a young man! Your book is fabulous, he will treasure it! Great card, too. Blessings to your family!

  6. Jacqueline...they grow up so quick don't they. What a great thing he is doing. I can just hear the proudness of him in the words you wrote. Love the little book and card :)

  7. such a beautiful card for your son to have with people he loves. He is really on an adventure and so are you.


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