Thursday, February 12, 2009

Several things

A couple of tags I made recently. The wings of the little girl on the first tag were made by stamping the latest butterfly stamp that Hero Arts brought out.

I made a grid of the photos taken this and last year of the area in which I live. These are mostly just outside my front door - such a breathtaking view of the mountains!

(Please click on the photo for a closer look)

I posted this card last week on my blog - I am wondering whether anybody other than Suzanne got the clue?? I stamped the image of the face on an image of a ballerina...


  1. Wow,I must admit. I missed it the first time around. Clever!!

  2. I missed it too! Wow, it meshes perfectly! Love the idea of putting 2 images together!

  3. I missed it, admitted! Brilliant idea! Love your tags. And those photos are absolutely gorgeous. Love the vineyards covered in snow!

  4. Gorgeous pictures out of your back door! Love that you put together the collage (put it on a card!) The tags are wonderful!


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