Monday, April 13, 2009

Beyond paper Hero arts challenge

Hi, I hope you all had a very blessed Easter! It seemed to have passed me by as my DH was away for three days and as I have a handicapped son of 19 years who has a terrible cold, I couldn't really do much than go for a walk with him. The French do not celebrate Easter as we do, so for them it was just a bank holiday Monday today. It has rained non-stop all weekend too! I'm sorry but there will be no Mediation Monday today - I have had horrible computer problems that caused me frustration and I am just too weary to do it.

So I will post my challenge entries for the 'beyond paper' challenge on the Hero Arts blog this week.

What is 'beyond paper' on this card - the shrink plastic charms. The butterfly has been reduced to a quarter of it's size and the leaf which is hanging from the lace to about a third.

My heat-gun started smoking yesterday so I had to stop! What you do is stamp the image on the rough side of the shrink plastic - color it in, if you want to attach it with string then punch a hole in it - then you shrink it holding it lightly in place with a craft knife or pencil. When it has shrunk, flatten it out with an acrylic stamp holder and voila, your instant charm!

The lilacs are what my husband just brought home for me, picked them along the way! The yellow roses were in my craft room last week - just love them but they only lasted three days! Glad I took a picture!


  1. All of the cards are so beautiful! I loved your charms this week. The flowers are lovely and show how much you are appreciated by your DH!

  2. Hello Jacqueline!
    Gorgeous Lilacs and roses!!! I love both of them! Yellow roses are my favorite flower..
    And so sorry about your heat gun! Your shrinky dink creations turned out gorgeous...

    And sorry again about the computer and no Meditational Mondays....

    Happy Belated Easter!!

  3. Aloha Jacqueline! Gorgeous Lilacs and roses, great photos!

    Love your cards, they are fabulous as always! Sorry about your heat gun, and the computer! :(

  4. Hi Jacqueline! Just wanted to say how beautiful your lilacs and yellow roses are!! They are some of my favorites, too! Hope your frustrations are lessening! Sending hugs!

  5. Hi youv'e had a bad week! I love your new cards
    as they are very simple but with a touch of elegance! You didn't say that heat causes the plastic to shrink, unless I read it wrong. You are an inspiration to me sis. I need to update my blog soon!

  6. Jacqueline, sorry to hear about your week -- sounds like you had a lot to handle.
    I've never worked with shrink plastic before, although it looks like fun. I love the simple eleance you've created on your last two cards -- especially that white one.

  7. You made such a lovely charms! I bought shrink plastic in Zeist, but didn't use it yet.

  8. Hi, Jacqueline! Your heat gun is not supposed to smoke! Ack! Lovely cards. Beautiful flowers! Love the lilacs and roses! :-)


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