Monday, April 6, 2009

Meditation Monday - the fourth 'A' - APPRECIATE

Hi ladies! We saw last week how having the attitude to adapt, as a service to the Lord, can have an astounding effect in your marriage. A man has the DNA of being a leader and the woman as being a helper. If these two can fuse together, in their God given roles, a harmonious marriage can result which in turn brings fruit to the Church and society. A good functioning couple brings harmony in the lives of their children too!

I thought of doing a Part 2, but running through the book 'The Total Woman', I have covered most of the principal issues, and feel at peace to go the 4th 'A' which is APPRECIATE him!

Here is Marabel... Quote

"As you grow older you'll find that the one thing to treasure most in life is loyalty and the worst and hardest thing to accept is ingratitude"... were words I heard recently. I pondered over these words... Ingratitude is almost the antithesis of loyalty.
"Maybe it's the age we are living in; but everybody seems so unappreciative and my wife heads the pack"... was another thing I recently heard.

There is no joy in giving, if the receiver is ungrateful. An ungrateful wife is no joy to her husband. They have forgotten those simple words 'thank you".
Appreciation involves two parts - internal and external. First of all, a wife cannot be grateful if she's grasping for her rights. If she feels she has the right to be taken out to dinner once a week, she will not express sincere gratitude. Only if she yields this right to her Creator is she able to fully appreciate dinner out, since it is then a privilege, an unforgettable experience.

Secondly, appreciation from within must be communicated outwardly, by words, attitude, or action. A heart of gratitude must express itself. A thankful person cannot keep quiet.

Don't let your 'rights' keep you from being grateful!

Are you appreciative of the basics your husband knocks himself out to provide to support the family? What about when he brings you a gift.... even if you don't like it? His only reward is seeing how pleased you are. Be very sensitive how you react by telling him how thoughtful he is for thinking of you. You don't have to be insincere about it if you don't like what he bought, but your attitude is so important! A sincere "Thank you honey" will satisfy any husband whether it be for a mink stole or a bag of popcorn! The Biblical admonition "It is more blessed to give than to receive' is so true. Don't keep your husband from being blessed!


Well, I believe this was the simplest one of the four, but still important, not to take what our husbands do for granted and to show our appreciation in word and deed to them. I know it encourages my husband when I say thank you for all the things he does -it seems to uplift his spirit and gives him a sense of well being.

I have been very guilty in the past of not showing my appreciation for the gifts my DH brought home. If he brought flowers I would complain that I would have rather had a plant, because then I could enjoy it more by putting it in the garden... only thinking in the practical sense of 'more value for our money'. He has always reacted very hurt to this way of 'practical' thinking and hasn't felt encouraged to bring me home flowers on impulse! I have put a damper on him wanting to surprise me because he was scared I wouldn't like anything of his choice, whether it be clothing or jewelry and that has remained for many years. Now, I don't care what he brings home, I just accept it and thank him for it in a sincere way - it isn't important what it is, it's the thought and the warm heart behind it that I love!

I hope these four 'A's have been helpful for you - I have seen them work and can recommend them! They are the keys to making your man come alive!


  1. A very good reminder to be constantly appreciative! I don't thank my husband enough for the things he does!


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