Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tag Le parfum des fleurs and Sunday scraps with Godelieve

Doesn't that sound nice... le parfum des fleurs

I am still experimenting with my new stamps - it's going to take a while to find the right way to use them and with which paper... it does all make a difference. I used distress inks and water to paint this image on semi-glossy card stock. I will probably have to do some masking to get the flowers to look like they are in the pot and not behind it...!!


Never thought it would come to this but these are scraps of my scraps that I have put in a huge box and only get out for the Sunday School kids!

I had Sunday school today and needed my scraps to make a crown with the children and I just saw too much potential.... sigh.

Joining in with Godelieve again today on her Scrap Sunday. Take a look at her blog.


I had posted this card before but saw that it needed some flower centres which I did with a black felt tip pen and took another photo.

Our weather is still incredible. On the veranda it is 30°C which is 86°F. I love being outdoors as long as I can, exercising in the pool and just enjoying the sun and the blue skies! Our pool is still 25°C, which is warm!
Have a great week!


  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Beautiful as allways Jacqueline.

  2. Thanks for joining in with a beautiful scrap card. Amazing card!
    Great idea to add the flower centres.

  3. Jacqueline, as usual these cards are gorgeous...I love that you share the process of trial and error with your new stamps (gives me hope)...the scrap card is wonderful, such talent you have to assemble these discarded pieces of paper into something so lovely.
    We are enjoying some beautiful weather too, perfect for puttering in the garden.
    Blessings to you!

  4. I love your beautiful creations...that stamp is so beautiful! How sweet that you share your scraps with the Sunday school you have photos of their crowns? I bet they are adorable! Happy Sunday!

  5. You've had a busy Sunday! I love today's creations as always:)

  6. Fabulous cards! I so love your scrap cards, this one looks great with the red and pink!


  7. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous... Love the grid of your scraps. Always in awe! Lovely new stamps you are playing with... Lovely cards made from them.

  8. GORGEOUS Jacqueline, I love all your works.


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