Monday, November 23, 2009

A little brown/blue card share and part two on forgiveness!

Just a little share of a vintage card made with brown and denim blue tones.

Hi! My sharing today was not easy to get on here. I lost it so many times I had to make a separate document on my hard drive and just couldn't work on-line. So let's hope it will be ok this time!

As I received a very analytical insightful response to what I shared a couple of weeks ago from Deborah Nolan, I want to carry on with the subject of forgiveness..
To give you a little recital of what happened: I had reproached a colleague about her coming in to work late, thinking that she would accept the truth - but instead provoked a harsh aggressive response. Both being Christians and having known each other for four years - what was missing in this confrontation? The conclusion was that I had spoken the truth without love, which had resulted in tension. I was the one who had to forgive first to save the situation which cost me a little sacrifice of my pride.
Look at what Deborah wrote:

« I know from experience that you are dead-on right. It is easier for the "wronged" party to offer the apology because she's not in the wrong. (She's really not got anything to lose, now does she?) Once she does, the wrong-doer is suddenly freed to apologize herself. That earlier apology gives her the advance forgiveness she needs to give her the courage to admit she is wrong. I think we don't like to apologize because we fear rejection. When you said you were sorry first, she knew she was being embraced not rejected, so she was able to apologize. »

Isn’t this a great picture of how God forgives us? Although we are the wrong doers He takes the initiative to open a way of acceptance by a sacrifice which cost Him His Son and now the debt has been paid we can come freely to the throne of God without being rejected!! That is the divine law of LOVE!

God loved us first - we have been « accepted in the beloved » Ef.1:6

That same Love has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit - it should give us the courage to walk in forgiveness, to quit criticizing and judging and by walking in this Godly example, opening the way for others to want to walk in the truth and come to the light! That is the way the Cross works in our lives so that the character of Jesus Christ can become a reality in us!

In this light I believe that this Bible verse speaks even louder:

"This is real love, not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins." 1 John 4:10

I really appreciate any input you might have so that this can become interactive! It is good to meditate on these things not to just live on the surface and follow our natural inclinations.

Thank you Deborah for sharing!


  1. It seems the Lord wants me to know something of forgiveness as it was a topic discussed weeks ago with friends, yesterday's topic at church, and your topic this morning! God has such perfect timing! :-) Thank you for sharing! (And your card is stunning, I love blue and brown's the colors in my living room!)

  2. Thank you for sharing about forgiveness. It is amazing that we both featured that verse today, finding so much meaning in God's Word.
    Your card today is another lovely example of your God-given artistic talent.
    Blessings to you, for the blessing you are to me!!

  3. Oh, Jacqueline, how thoughtful you are. I am really touched by what you wrote about forgiveness. Being Christian whole my life doesn't mean I can forgive and forget in instant. Thank you for reminding me through your writing in this post.
    I really love your card. The Friends digi stamp is suitable on the card for the situation you encountered. You are really blessed with your talent and the awareness of what God has footprinted in your heart.
    Big hugs, Dwita.

  4. Beautiful card Jacqueline! I am admiring this sweet girl, she's pensive yet so thoughtful in her demeanor! Lovely! Thank you for your perspective on important to realize this trait in our lives...

  5. Thanks for sharing the thoughts! And your card is beautiful - I love to look at your work!


  6. Jacequline - your thoughtful insight touched my heart. I so agree with Deborah's comments and your thoughts. Life is hard and we need to take the time to think about what and how we say things.
    The card is just lovely as well.

  7. Very very cute - lovely image and the effect on your background is amazing. Just love that color combo!

  8. I love what you wrote about and the insightful link between forgiving and "to quit criticizing and judging." Thank you for sharing so opening. Your card is beautiful, by the way, I just love the colors!!

  9. oops- I meant "openly" not "opening" LOL- too much cold medicine! :)

  10. Lovely card in blues and browns and the expression on the little girls face. I very much like the thoughts you are sharing on forgiveness as this is an area I really need the gentle reminder.

  11. Very pretty Jacqueline ! the image is sweet.


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