Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theme thursday - Borders and a Pearl of the Word of God

The Thursday theme is 'borders' at this challenge blog today.

I added some borders to this card by punching out two strips of paper lace.

I never usually use this color but I really like it. I saw this stamp used in such a nice way a while back and the effect is achieved by inking up your stamp with distress ink and then spraying a little water over the top before stamping.

This is a photo of the gorgeous roses (50 of them) I received from my sweet hubby today, just to encourage me, he said....
The florists name for this bunch is 'Indian Summer'.


I'm going to share something today in which God taught me a good lesson about His wisdom! It's just a small example but they are all worth learning from in discipleship!
You could call me a simple girl... for me truth is truth and I don't let much get in between. But I am still learning that truth without Love, is a very cold truth and Love without truth is not worth much either!

So what does the Bible say about this and how do we apply it in a wise way in our daily lifes? I used to think that I would rather have a row than hide the truth - somehow that still appeals to me - to get 'stuff' out in the open, to be transparent, to let nothing get between me, God and other people. But 'stuff' happens, and we learn by it.

Here is the Bible verse from James 3:17

"But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceful, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy."

OK, here is the scene. My DH was in Cyprus and I was alone in the office with his secretary who I have known for four years. She is French, a Christian of course and we have had good times together. Due to circumstances in her life she is going through a very hard time and just had three weeks sick leave. Officially we start at 9 o'clock. The first day she was back to work she was there working before I arrived and I love that sort of enthusiasm! But the following days she started getting later and later and it started irritating me.... Thursday morning I thought, right, truth is truth, I am going to say something about it because she had been late in the past and we had better not make a habit of it.

WRONG.. I got the full blast and instead of feeling better about saying the truth I suddenly felt very bad and realized that I had caused tension between us. It lasted two hours. My husband called around 11 o'clock and could hear on my voice that something was wrong, so I told him. Here's what you do, he said to me, you are going to go to her, put your hand on her shoulder and say you are sorry - that is applying the Cross to your life, to allow peace to reign in the office again. GULP - me?? But I was right!
I had to fight off some pride but I did it and what happened?? She melted on the spot - Oh no, she said, I was wrong and I should never had reacted so aggressively - she just couldn't stop saying sorry to me!! We felt instantly better and the peace was restored in the office.

So what am I learning here - that wisdom is firstly pure (my irritation should have been dealt with first) then peaceful (it really wasn't my responsibility and blessed are the peace-makers), then gentle, reasonable.. full of mercy!! It is an application of the Cross, that will choose to deny itself instead of claiming my right of 'being right'. Truth without love is hard.

I believe that if I cannot say the truth in love than I just might as well keep my mouth shut and deal with my own heart first before the Lord in prayer!

Love without truth is just as wrong - but that will be for another day.


  1. Jacequline - first off your card is lovely. The lace edging in the same colours is just perfect.
    Secondly your story is so true. It touched my heart. We often speak before thinking.

  2. Mooie kaart weer!

    dank je wel voor je verhaal, zo herkenbaar! Ach en ik ben zo (hoog) gevoelig dat ik me helemaal hét moment kan voorstellen!
    Waarom doen we altijd zo moeilijk om de makkelijkste weg niet te kiezen??

    Ik dank God voor "Genade"!!

    Be blessed!!

  3. Wonderful card Jacqueline.


  4. gorgeous card! love the colors and that hydragea stamp is beautiful!

  5. This is beyond gorgeous Jacqueline! I adore this stunning card.

  6. I love your soft, pretty card, Jacqueline! I will have to remember that technique of misting the water over the ink.

    And, your story is so true - we do have to learn the hard way sometimes. My mom always told us to "bite our tongue" before we said something too quickly. If we think it through, with the Lord's help we can still come to an understanding with the other person in a loving way.


  7. what a beautiful card so simple and elegant..lucky you living in the South of France and getting lots of roses from your husband. I am glad the situation was resolved with your secretary..and am hoping her inner strength can help her. Thanks for your comment about my breaking free drawing

  8. I'm left with only two things to say: Beautifully done card.
    Extremely thoughtful husband!
    Happiness all around!

  9. Your card is truly beautiful as is your pearl of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your story. I needed to hear that today. :)

  10. This card is fabulous! I love this stamp and how you coloured it! Gorgeous! Your husband is so wonderful, bringing you those beautiful roses! And thanks for sharing this story, I`ll keep it in my mind and I am sure it`ll help me some day.


  11. Beautiful card! Love that stamp and you have used it so wonderfully. The roses are just beautiful. Love the colors and perfect for Indian Summer. And your pearl is a much needed lesson for me. :)

  12. How sweet of your DH...... beautiful roses :0)

    I love this card Jacqueline - like the soft expression!
    Enjoy your weekend....I am off for Jutland this weekend, too!
    Hugs Sanne

  13. First things first -- thank you for sharing the application in your life of this wonderful lesson in truth.
    Secondly, you can share your thoughts about envy next time because I am green with it looking at those beautiful roses (50? REally?) that your DH sent you. Finally, I LOVE your card. It's beautiful!! I think you've used some of the gorgeous K&Co. papers that I've been working with lately and just adore.

  14. Je kaartje is heel mooi en prachtig van kleuren.
    Je roosjes brengen het zonnetje in huis.
    Bedankt voor je verhaal voor ons neer te schrijven.

  15. Oh, isn't this just beautiful Jacqueline and the way you made the frame, it almost looks like it's recessed and given a lot of dimension! What beautiful flowers your DH gave you! How wonderful, hope it lifted your spirits, I know your stories help me a lot along the way...thanks so much Jacqueline!

  16. Amen, Jacqueline! I love that your DH was so quick to share his wisdom and that you were just as quick to follow it. ...thank you so much for sharing from your heart!
    I love your beautiful creation too, I have that hydrangea stamp, it's a favorite, thanks for the inspiration to use it again.

  17. Prachtige kaart, heb het opgeslaan.

    En ja, je verhaal is waar, we leren alledag uit Gods Woord als we ernaar willen leven, fijn he?!
    sterkte met de missionaire dienst...

  18. The hydrangea is magnificent. Love the real flower pix and most of all the Word of GOD!

  19. That Hydrangea stamp is one of my favourites in my collection & I haven't seen it in ages as crafting isn't really happening for me right now. Love the colours you have chosen, perfect!!!

    Wonderful words too.

  20. It is such a gorgeous card. Really beautiful with the colors you have chosen for it. You have such a nice blog as well with lots of goodies to look at!

  21. such a great reflection about getting it wrong with people and then getting it so right. We are alike in that respect. I'v learnt to be softer with my tongue over the past years- with Gods help.Love Linda

  22. Hi, Jacqueline! Touching story. Sounds like your hubby is a good friend with good advice. And lovely roses from him, too! :-)

  23. I know from experience that you are dead-on right. It is easier for the "wronged" party to offer the apology because she's not in the wrong. (She's really not got anything to lose, now does she?) Once she does, the wrong-doer is suddenly freed to apologize herself. That earlier apology gives her the advance forgiveness she needs to give her the courage to admit she as wrong. I think we don' like o apologize because we fear rejection. When you said you were sorry first, she knew she was being embraced not rejected, so she was able to apologize. This was really good stuff, Jacqueline!


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