Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tag Tuesday Challenge - Inspiration from home

The theme today can be found here on Louise's blog. Thank you Louise.

The inspiration in my home was a rug, laying in front of the log fire. I actually thought I had chosen the colors a bit better but after photographing the two, the differences are quite evident. But I hope you get the idea! I did stamp on the squares with script, leaves and swirls to get the patterns on the squares. The photo is upside down too as I followed the pattern from the other side. It was quite a lot of work, but that's what I like about having a challenging theme. 


My little share for today is about something that I'm sure those of you who love God will experience from time to time. I just went through a period of this myself - the feelings towards God seem to be low or non existent. You know you love God but can't seem to find the passion and feelings you used to have.

God has to tell me time and again that it's my faith that He's interested in, not my feelings, as they change all the time! Actually, the Bible is a good mirror - just look into it and it will tell you what it really means to love God.  I was reading a very old dairy I wrote years ago and found this statement:

We do not love God more than we love His Word. We do not honor God more than we honor His Word and we do not obey God more than we obey His Word!

"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word....." John 14:23

 " But whoever keeps His Word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him." 1 John 2:4-5

"If anyone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar, for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. He who loves God, shall also love his brother." 1 John 4:20,21

There can't be anything more, sharper, more down to earth and crystal clear than the Word of God.
Read the chapters of 1 John to get an even better idea of what it truly means to love God!

I should be much more worried about abiding in the Word of God than my feelings!
Luckily I do have times that I feel a true love and passion for my Savior and I am happy for those times but I want my faith to be stretched and to stop relying on those feelings which only hinder in a walk with the Lord! I hope you can relate to my little share.

Be blessed!

ps - oh yes I must share this... just a little smile from heaven.. God really knows our hearts and desires. While I'm praying for loved ones, the Church, the Kingdom etc,. God still knows the unspoken prayers and it's His pleasure to give surprises.

When I was in Holland just recently I really wanted to find a little bird's nest with eggs in it, not a real one, just a bought one, but in the limited time I had unfortunately I couldn't find one. I was so into birds and eggs as you know. Well, I forgot all about it until last Wednesday, my son came into my craft room with a real  bird's nest! I was so excited to hold an immaculate little bird's nest and marvel at the way it had been weaved. Truly a miracle from Nature. We went back to look for the eggs but couldn't find any.

Secondly, I absolutely love sage tea, dry leaves, fresh leaves, makes no difference. I hadn't had some for a long time and it just isn't sold in the shops where I live. What do I see last Saturday at our local supermarket - a little sage tree!! I can drink fresh tea from my own little tree now every day.
I was so blessed.


  1. Oh Jacqueline! Not only is your tag simply lovely and peaceful but what you've shared regarding our trust in God's word and HIS promises being far more important than our ever changing feelings, was a wonderful reminder!

    Isn't it wonderful to receive those special surprises ... when He decides to remind us of how He's interested in *every* aspect of our little lives :o)

    I can remember being in the hospital on and off several times over the year before I went in for my transplant, and He gave me the surprise gift of a cheese sandwich and another time, a pen ~ I know they sound *every-dayish* and not so spectacular, but in the circumstances at the time, where I was, they were miracles to my soul :o)


  2. Wonderful tag! I just love the colors you chose, well done!

  3. You have totally blessed me today, Jacqueline! As always your tag is stunning, I love the beautiful colors on this sweet grid.
    I am so happy with what you shared today, what a great lesson to remember that it's our faith that is precious and more valuable than gold. Feelings are changeable and subject to circumstances but faith is to be constant, rising above circumstances to keep us focused on heaven.
    It's all about staying close to God and His Word. I read a devotion this morning regarding the Lord's Prayer and the phrase: Give us this day our daily bread. The important point was about staying in daily contact with God, praying for each day's needs and not praying once for our monthly needs, or yearly needs.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely blessings too, God really does care about giving us sweet little blessings because He loves us.
    bless you,

  4. Love your tag! I can definitely see the inspiration piece in your beautiful tag! The birds nest is gorgeous and the words of inspiration just that. Inspirational!

  5. Your tags are always so Beautiful! And this one is no exception. I love your rug too!

  6. Jacqueline, your tag is so beautiful and I wish I could see the gorgeous run in person. They look very similar to me. Maybe it is only the computer colors that's off.
    I did so enjoy your little meditation today. It holds a lesson especially for me. Thanks.

    I try not to place too much importance in the word verification letters but I want you to know that yours starts out with j-o-y this time.

  7. Your tag is so pretty! It makes me smile because I love patchwork of any kind- the colors and combinations of pattern.
    And your story about the bird's nest is touching.

  8. What a wonderful tag. I think the hard work was worth it. The result is lovely.

  9. Gorgeous tag and a truly heartwarming post, thanks for sharing, Jo x

  10. Beautiful tag...beautiful rug....inspirational thoughts! Thank you!

  11. just perfect - love your tags Jacqueline ;)

  12. Gorgeous tag, perfectly reflecting your home decor, and a beautifully inspirational post as well!

  13. Jacqueline, I find it hard to believe you did not also design that rug. It looks absolutely like one of your creations:)
    Your tag is a perfect representation of it, just gorgeous!
    Thanks for the reminder that it's faith that should be the engine, not feelings.

  14. What a gorgeous rug, Jacqueline! And your tag is a perfect interpretation!! Beautiful stamping and colors! So lovely that you found the bird's nest! They truly are nature's amazing gifts! I'm also glad you found a sage tree too! How wonderful for you to be able to drink fresh tea each day now! :)

  15. Beautiful tag. And the rest of your blog was so inspirational as well.. I love your sharing your thoughts and God's blessings. Thank you

  16. Dear Jacqueline! What a pleasant color & image combination. I like this tag so much.

    I noticed you've changed the name of your blog to reflect your love for the birds:)

    There is a lady I met through the internet. Her name is Lynette. I think you may enjoy meeting her too and look at this album called "Our nest". http://creativemoments-lynette.blogspot.com/2010/05/our-nest-mini-album.html

    Thank you for inspiring me to make cards. The more cards I make the more I see that you have genuine talent - a gift from our Father. Blessings! I start to send away cards I have made and they do bring joy to others.

  17. this tag is so pretty. I envy you always in how neatly you can line up your squares. I wish I could take lessons from you, mine always end up crooked somehow.

  18. This is the most gorgeous tag I have ever seen. You are so creative and talented. I love your rug to. The colors is lovely.

  19. i love looking through each pretty little squares on your tag! lovely beautiful tag!

  20. Your work is really pretty,,and I mean that in a good sense,,,this pretty....truly pretty. This piece is gorgeous and I like the rug you used as inspiration for the piece and your work is an inspiration to us all.

  21. Your card is so pretty, I just love your grid cards, I tried one not long ago, but it wasn't as pretty as yours! Your card matches your rug perfectly.
    Thanks so much for you inspirationsl word. It fills my heart.

    Hugs, Linda

  22. Love seeing your pretty grid tag and the fun inspiration! And thank you for your post- very insightful!

  23. Jacqueline your tag is so lovely ...


  24. The tag is beautiful as always, I love your work...how do you make sage tea? Are you talking about sage like we put in stuffing, I have a ton of it growing and blooming in my flower bed...how would I make tea out of it?

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