Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tag Tuesday - That's the Ticket!

Hi and thank you all so much for your encouraging comments! I'm always so touched by your kindness.
At the moment France is going through a rather rare patch of winter weather for this time of the year, especially here in the south. Snow in May - very unusual! We need the sun so much!

The tag Tuesday challenge is to use tickets on your tag. Not that easy at all - I ended up with a collage-type tag which is quite large so I will put it onto a card later I think.

Thanks go to Louise who hosts the challenges and gives us something to look forward too every week.


Just a little share - you know how I love to talk about the practical side of Christian living. When it's my DH's turn to share the Word in Church on Sunday I always say 'don't forget to include some practical examples'! I shouldn't really say it anymore as he always does.

Anyway - this practical little lesson really is to serve me a big lesson for when I get disappointed in God or people again. I know I set myself a very high standard and my DH says 'Stop beating yourself up all the time'... but I suppose thats character and God is working on it!

Before we went to Holland to share about what God has done in our marriage at a couple of conferences, we once again needed somebody or a couple to look after our son David, who is handicapped (Down Syndrome). In the past we could always rely on the same people but in the mean time life had made it impossible for them to help us out in this way.

Well, it took a long time to find people willing to do so. I was a bit disappointed because I thought - well surely somebody is willing to pay a little sacrifice for David, especially the christians in our Church? Caring for David has been one of my greatest blessings! But when I placed myself in their shoes, I could relate to the fact that it was perhaps difficult to look after him because he is a full grown man, although he looks only 15 and everything has to be done for him, like the toilet, washing him and even brushing his teeth. He doesn't speak either.

Finally, a lady volunteered only after a week to confess that she had a phobia about touching people and declined.

We had been praying for this and I said to René that if it was God's Will that we go to Holland then God will provide. A week before we left, René asked a Dutch couple who live about twenty minutes away and run a Holiday Village in the mountains. They come to our church now and again but we hadn't got to know them yet. Well, the first reaction was positive. We arranged a meeting and what do you know, Els had worked with heavily handicapped people as her job in Holland and would love to help us out!
But, they had a visitor around the time we needed them to be at our home. However, I just KNEW in my heart that God had provided and it turned out that the visitor canceled her trip.

We left for Holland in total peace! When I came home, all the laundry was done, Els had bathed David every day, the house was all clean and tidy and she said - OH, you could have stayed away longer if you had wanted!
WOW, can you imagine, the joy that God gave us just the right people at the right time? My other son Michaël was happy too because he just had a good time with them too! To top it all, we have become good friends!

If one door closes God opens another and HE KNOWS BEST!

Proverbs 3:5,6 "Trust in the Lord with your whole heart and do not rely on your own
insight or understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He
will make straight your paths."


  1. Beautiful tag love all the elements, Good to know your son was well cared for and there are good people in this world.

  2. You have combined so many different yet compatible components to make a beautiful, interesting, peaceful tag.

  3. First, it's a joy to see how you incorporate each week's challenge into your own lovely vintage style. This week you've managed it again. Beautiful tag!
    Secondly, I am so happy to hear how God provided so wonderfully with a caretaker for your son. I know it helped you have a much more peaceful time away.

  4. I adore your collage tag. sorry about your horrible weather

  5. Gorgeous tag! I was wondering how you would incorporate a ticket in your tag. :) Lovely inspirational story about your trip! So happy for you that you found this wonderful angel to help you and your family!

  6. Your tag is absolutely Beautiful. Such great details to look at!

  7. I love your tag!!

    Isn't the Lord wonderful!? We trust and He provides just at the moment when we realize we are totally helpless and have no solution!!

    Blessings to you and your family...

  8. lovely work (as always) are the "queen" of my favorite color combos!

  9. Thanks for sharing your totally blessed my heart. God is good! I'm rejoicing with you in this wonderful answer to prayer!
    Loving your gorgeous tag....your collages are always so perfectly arranged and your color choices so pleasing.
    bless you,

  10. What a wonderful tag! Love the nice soft colors, just great!

  11. What a stunning tag! Love all the amazing details!!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!

  12. What a touching story! God is sooo good!!! Love your tag, too! Great collage elements and lovely design!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love the background stamping of the hydrangea, perfect look!

  14. Beautiful Jacquline,Its the prettiest one in the bunch!
    Such a touching story of your son. What a blessing to have God answer your prayers when you need him. I have a few of my own I'm waiting to have answered!

  15. What a gorgeous tag, Jacqueline! Only you can create such beauty... sigh, love everything about it!!

  16. very pretty collage tag and thanks for the heartwarming story, Jaxquline! i enjoyed reading it! =) hope you get some nice weather soon, too!

  17. Gorgeous collaged tag! Simply stunning!

  18. Very pretty tag Jacqueline...
    and your story gave me goosebumps.... you are so right... God will provide to those who ask... you are very blessed to have meet this wonderful people. I am glad you managed to get away for your trip and now have some new friends as well. Take care

  19. What a great collage Tag! It turned out so Beautiful! I had trouble with this one also! I could not find a ticket!

    I am glad you got to go on your trip. This was such a touching story.. It's so true how we put so little faith in GOD some times and when we do put our faith in him he will alway provide. I just love that bible verse you wrote.

    Have a great day!

  20. So beautyful! I always look forward to see what you have created this time!
    And your not the only one who has bad weather, in the south end of denmark it is so cold, almost like late autumn brrrrr

  21. Fabulous tag! Those blue flowers really pop right off the tag!

  22. I was touched with the story about your son. I work with developmentally disabled folks here in the US and I love my work. People with Downs Syndrome really tug at my heart as they are so loveable and sweet. Good luck with your son and your art. I am so happy the Lord helped you find such wonderful friends willing to help you out. God Bless You.


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