Monday, May 2, 2011

Little update and Lillies of the Valley

Hi dear ladies,
Thank you for all the new comments I received this weekend. You are such a bunch of comforting, lovely people, I feel surrounded and uplifted which so helps in the process!
Friday morning I was fiddling with something near a cupboard and tore at the drain tube fixed in my right arm for the after-operation fluids. The plastic bottle lost it's suction and I had to go to the hospital. It was too late to fix it because I had pulled a little hole into the wound. That hurt, but the blessing is, they removed it, which took away a lot of discomfort and made sleeping easier! To think I had to live with that painful tube until this coming Tuesday was unbearable.
I was low these last few days, probably the backlash, I know it is quite normal. I cried out to the Lord, I need Him to hear my voice, but I mean really hear my voice. I want to touch His Throne of Grace with my heart, I want to touch the hem of His garment. Sunday afternoon I went for a rest and when I woke I felt revitalized with new strength in my body - I felt it was a miracle, and it is holding! I believe it is an answer to prayer and I thank you all!
I also tried a bra and can't even really see the difference in size!

 A couple at church gave me these Lilies of the valley because it was 1st of May yesterday, which is officially a public holiday.  Lilies-of-the-valley are sold throughout France on this day. You give a bouquet of flowers to friends. Loving the label of the bottle of wine that came with them  - 'Plan of God'.

I also have a little share of a couple of cards I made.
I am so enjoying the Simple Frame stamp from Hero Arts

Here it is off centre, stamped on Pink Paislee pp.

Here I used a little stamping with the Silhouette spray and added various cut-outs waiting for a home from my scrap basket.

Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Jacqueline... I am so pleased you are feeling the hand of God and feeling better. May it continue to happen for you. Your cards are so pretty. That frame is really beautiful on your cards. Blessing to you

  2. I am so sorry to hear you have been under the weather....I wish you a speedy recovery. Such beautiful cards and I love what you are doing with this Hero Arts frame here as well as below with the red pieces....just wonderful work.

  3. I am pleased that you did no permanent damage in your arm and also that they were able to take it out for a more comfortable positive attitude Jacqueline is so inspiring..stay strong and keep making these gorgeous cards...sending lots of get well wishes.

  4. Hi Jacqueline, wow you are really going through a tough time and then you tore your fluid tube as well. I am thinking of you and hope things start to improve soon. You haven't lost your touch with the cards they are stunning as always. Card making is good therapy!!!

  5. I'm sure it is much more comfortable now without that tube. Feeling down is a normal reaction to all of the procedures and therapies you are going through. God is able to pull us through so many struggles!

    Your cards are so soft and sweet, as usual. Take it easy and don't overdo!!

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling more rested and comfortable! My prayers continue for you, my friend. These cards are so pretty! That frame is just perfect for the lovely images! Sending more hugs to you!

  7. Happy May to you Jacqueline! I have never seen Lilly of the Valley in 'real life'! They are so delicate! And your cards? Beautiful!!!
    So glad that tube is gone and the pain with it...
    Sweet hugs to you....

  8. Love the smell of Lillies of the Valley! What a beautiful post -- so glad you found renewed strength, been praying for that for you:)

  9. Hi Jacqueline! I read the label on your wine bottle after reading your blog entry and it touched my heart to see how messages are relayed by The higher power! Glad the tube is out, what a pain that can be. Wonderful art pieces your posted today, such beautiful use of that frame (which I have purchased by the way). I think of you every day my friend!

  10. Jacqueline, I'm glad to hear you came through your setback, feeling stronger and rejuvenated. Your illness has certainly not dampened your creative brilliance - these cards are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Dear Jacqueline, These cards are so gorgeous ... they feel so light and heavenly :). I'm so glad that the drain tube has been removed so that you can now rest and be more comfortable. I think, as women, it's our nature to try to do a little more then we should when we're not well. Be so careful and try to rest. My thoughts and my prayers remain with you and your family. I know God is keeping you close to his heart. *sending you lots of love and a big hug!

  12. Hi Jacqueline. I have send you lots of thoughts through the weekend. I am glad to hear that your are feeling better and I am amazed that you have energy to be creative. Both your cards is very lovely and I love your new frame.
    Lots of big hugs

  13. God is good and His plan is perfect! i'm so happy for your little miracle..He does promise His people rest! I love your Simple Frame are using it in so many unique ways that I never would have thought of...truly lovely inspiration!
    hugs and prayers

  14. Dear Jacqueline,
    Do you know what I admire about you? The faith you have, it inspires me, every time when I am reading your post
    Yesterday our pastor preached on Psalm 121. God is always there, He cares for us. That does not mean we do not have to suffer pain, but he helps us go through difficulties. You can feel that, and that's a blessing.

    Your cards are adorable!
    Best wishes and many greetings,

  15. Good to read that you're feeling more comfortable now. I'm thinking of you.
    You make beautiful cards with the Simple Frame stamp!

  16. What are you doing trying to do things this early? You need to be resting!!!
    Your cards are beautiful but try to take it easy.
    Hugs Lynn

  17. Wow, Jacqueline, your faith is a true testament to your character and to the God who loves us and hears our prayers. Continue to take comfort in your faith and know that God loves you, you are His own, He has carved you in the palm of His hand and knows everthing about you, even every hair on your head.

    Now, how you are up and about and making GORGEOUS CARDS is beyond me! Love both cards...your are doing amazing things with that frame!

    Happy May...enjoy the flowers and the deserve it!

  18. What a beautiful card!!!! Such esquisite detailing!
    Lily of the Vallies remind me of my daughter's birth this month (she will be eight). A friend brought me a tiny jar of them (and a delicious meal) upon my arrival home from the hospital with her. I've got a few popping up now in a small garden area on my deck. I can't wait to smell them!!
    I am praying lots for you!

  19. Wonderful cards, I really love that frame stamp! And how thoughtful of the gifts you've received, the flowers are so beautiful!

  20. Both are so gorgeous! Love the vintage images they are so sweet! I have been thinking and praying for you!


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