Saturday, May 14, 2011

On a mission

Hope this post finds you all well. A special Happy Birthday to my friend Andi - don't know whether she will see this.
I am going to be occupied for a little while but hope to post late next week sometime.

I'm going to leave you with another share of the smiles I have been receiving in the form of cards and little gifts this week. I am so blessed.

Lastly a little ATC which I managed to fit in during the middle of appointments and travelling back and forward to the hospital. I happened upon some false eyelashes yesterday - I hadn't thought about loosing my own until yesterday. They were a good deal and the last ones left on the shelf!

O yes, I got introduced to my Chemo-Angel this week!! He's tall, good-looking, charming and has the most gorgeous brown eyes.... guess who?? Yep, my darling, caring hubby!


  1. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you Jacqueline. I love the way you discribe your husband ... the wonderful part of being married is going through life together, helping each other through all of the ups and downs! My dear sister-in-law (while undergoing chemo treatments) came to visit wearing the most beautiful scarf wrapped around her head, she looked so elegant and so beautiful! I didn't know that she had lost her hair until she mentioned it. She tells me that there is a free 2 hour program called 'Look good, feel better', where they talk about wigs, scarves, make-up. She received over $200.00 in free cosmetics and creams. The program is usually at hospitals and information can be found on line. I don't know if this is just in our area. I'm sure you're very tired with all of the doctors appointments. You're in my thoughts! I love your ATC it's so beautiful! Sending you a big hug.

  2. Lovely atc. So gorgeous and so you! The cards and gifts are beautiful!
    Will be thinking of you and praying.

  3. In my thoughts and prayers Jacqueline,hope all goes well.
    The ATC is beautiful by the way.

  4. What lovely cards and 'smiles across the miles'. The perfect kind wishes for you at this time ;)
    Take care and I hope your chemo goes well! Best wishes and hugs, Ruth S

  5. We are both fortunate to have these angels in our lives, aren't we? LOVE that ATC! Keep on being creative throughout all of the next months; it will help you immensely! And reading Susanne's comment, we had that "look good, feel better" program here, too. Hope you'll find something like it in France.

  6. Ik denk vaak aan je - Ik hoop dat je God zijn beschermende Vaderhanden mag voelen...

  7. Good luck with everything this week, Jacqueline. You will be in my thoughts. Beautiful ATC, and such lovely cards from your friends - they certainly know what you like!

  8. So many lovely card you have recieved.

    Love your little ATC and the colors are beautiful.

    I will send you good thoughts to you next week.

    Big hug.

  9. I love the way everyone has been blessing you with gorgeous cards in your signature style. It seems you have made made friends in cyberspace who know you sooo well.
    I am praying and will continue to pray for you as you continue on this journey.

  10. Jacqueline,
    I have often thought of leaving a comment for you because I enjoy all that you share - your faith, your creativity and your life. I will be praying for you as you face this challenge over the next months. My dad is going through treatments now and we are seeing how good God is in the middle of trying times. My favorite verses are Proverbs 3:5&6. Hope these verses bring you peace. Thank you for sharing!

  11. There will be many thoughts and prayers fluttering around you in the coming days and weeks---like angel wings or butterfly wings. May you feel a little breeze and know that many are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! And may you feel blessed everyday! Best wishes!

  12. Many many Beautiful Blessings are written here today for you Jacqueline, I cannot add to all their kind thoughts or say any different, as they are expressing all that I would also say to you.
    When you find a good one, Husbands are the only one you need by your side in times like these. He is going to be your Rock and we will be the pebbles, and what you cannot express to him you will always be able to say to us girls.
    Lovely ATC, and such lovely cards that have been sent, more to come no doubt, thank you for showing them to us, I for one, am enjoying seeing what you are receiving, and I was pleased that my card arrived okay too.

  13. What uplifting cards Jacqueline.. I too love how your described your hubby... what support! Keep brave ~ know we are all thinking and praying for you. Keep up your creating too... this will help. Blessing to you my friend

  14. I'm so happy you're receiving more cards and gifts. . .you are definitely in many of our thoughts and prayers. I'll be thinking of you often in the coming weeks, Jacqueline. How perfect to have your hubby be your chemo angel! He sure sounds handsome. Take care, rest lots and keep creating! Your ATC is so beautiful! Sending hugs, as always.

  15. A tall, dark and handsome chemo angel in the form of a husband is a wonderful blessing, Jacqueline! My thoughts and prayers go out to you - may God's grace sustain you in the coming weeks.

  16. A beautiful collection ... gorgeous ATC ... stay positive ... in my prayers

  17. Beautiful ATC. You're in my thoughts and prayers ... and so it that 'angel' by your side. Be blessed.

  18. Oh sweet Jacqueline! I am catching up on my reading and saw your sweet birthday wishes! Thank You!
    And love the sweet loving words about your Chemo Angel!!!!

    Sweetness... my prayers and heart are with you as you walk this path.


  19. My loving thoughts and fervent prayers go with you, dear Jacqueline. Your faith, resolve and positive attitude are so inspiring and they are so honoring to God. Peace and comfort be yours in abundance, sweet friend.

  20. More beautiful card shares! Hope they bring much comfort to you at this time! Know that you are thought of in every way!!

  21. Lieve Jacqueline,
    Toch een keer een berichtje in het nederlands.... het lukt me niet om dit goed in het engels te schrijven.
    Ik heb bewondering voor de manier waarop je deze moeilijke weg gaat. Ik weet dat je gesteund word door je fantastische echtgenoot en kinderen. Maar toch; het pad waarop je loopt zal soms erg "smal" zijn en moeilijk begaanbaar. Ik denk veel en vaak aan je. En bid dat onze lieve heer je hier doorheen zal helpen. Ik brand een kaarsje voor je...

  22. Jacqueline
    I am reading this with astonishment. I am ashamed to say I have not visited for some time so I am reading with shock your news.
    You are a woman of such strength.
    My heartfelt wishes go to you and please know that from this moment I am sending positive thoughts your way.
    What beautiful gifts you have received and I am sure this outpouring of good wishes is building upon your own strength.

  23. Hi sis, love the way you descibe your Chemo angel, I was reading it thinking it sounds like R*** and then you said it was him - I just loved it. Thinking of you lots and may pop over in October! Fingers crossed


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