Friday, June 24, 2011

Collage card

Just a little share before the weekend. I perched the bird up on a birdcage which was part of the patterned paper from Pink Paislee.
The bird stamp is part of the Bird Collage stamp from Hero Arts, which I used on it's own.


I have been busy with a little project for our Church Missions, so have a little less time for the blog. I also have another project in mind which I can't wait to start on and that I will share when it's finished. Love being creative!

I am feeling very well, haven't lost any energy, only trying to find balance with the appetite and forcing myself to drink. I have received another lot of cards this week which I will be sharing next week again. I feel so overwhelmed with the kindness and it makes me feel so happy! You have been cheering me on from the start - real team work! Thank you!

I will leave you today with a picture of me and my wig. I do miss my hair though because it kept my ears warm at night :)
It does take some getting used too but I am determined to persevere. At home I just wear some nice pastel cotton scarves.

God bless you!


  1. Let me be the first to compliment you on your wig Jacqueline, you look really good I must say! Slightly more blond suits you! But then again you would look good with gorgeous scarfs, too ;-) Love your pretty card, the gingham paper is a beautiful background. Blessings, Ira x

  2. Such a pretty photo of you, Jacqueline! What a wonderful wig you've found. . .it looks perfect on you! I have to agree with Ira, you would look beautiful no matter what you wore! Love your card today and I'm so happy to hear you are feeling well! Can't wait for the crafty things you'll be sharing next week! Love and hugs to you!

  3. Oh!! What a beautiful photo! And.. interestingly, I go straight to your eyes!!!! Your light is shining! You are looking wonderful and I am so happy to hear how well you feel!

    Great news indeed!!!

  4. So happy to hear that you are feeling
    well, Jacqueline!! You look lovely
    in the photo!

  5. That our Lord bless you to dear Jacqueline.
    Your card is so beautiful.
    With love hennie.

  6. I think your wig is beautiful, Jacqueline! I would never know it was a wig! It's good to know that you are feeling better.

  7. Your card is beautiful and so are you! May God continue to bless you and keep you strong.

    Dorothy C.

  8. The photo is gorgeous Jacqueline - you look so alive, full of positive energy and the wig so natural too. Go for it ;)
    And your card is another beauty, of course.
    Have a lovely weekend, Rx

  9. Hi Jacqueline, first of all you look fact you would not know that you were wearing a wig and
    secondly, I am so so pleased that you are feeling good, I think god is hearing our prayers......
    Your card is perfect as always, I so love your work and thankyou for visiting my blog and your fabulous comments, it means the world to me !!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  10. WEll if you would not have said anything no one would even know it is a look great!
    Super card too of course....

  11. Thanks for the photo of your beautiful smiling face! You are truly an inspiration to me.
    Loving your creativity with the Bird Collage stamp, your card is beautiful!

  12. Thanks for sharing the photo. You look wonderful. So glad you're feeling better. Love the card as well. Hugs to you and more prayers for you!

  13. Beautiful card, beautiful lady!
    So glad to hear you are feeling well!

  14. Look at you, pretty lady! Love your new do! So glad to hear that you're feeling pretty good! You can DO this!

  15. I was hoping you'd share a photo! "Sassy" is the first word that comes to mind of your new hairstyle. And very up-do-date.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Your wig looks great ad i am happy to read that you are - counting the circumstances- feeling well.
    Big hugs!

    Oops almost forgotten; your card is a beauty!!!!!

  17. I LOVE your wig! You look totally awesome! So happy that you are feeling well! Your card is also beautiful! I just love those little flowers you added to your card!

  18. Jacqueline, I love this new hair style on you ... it looks beautiful!! You look lovely! I'm so pleased that you are feeling well. Your card is gorgeous! I love that birdcage in the corner of your card and I'm loving all of the gingham that you have been using! Sending you a big hug, love Susanne

  19. Super gorgeous collage card Jacqueline. And I must say, your wig is lovely.... I'd have never realised it was one... it is so like your true colouring. I am so glad to see your lovely smile and to hear that you are feeling well. May it long continue. God Bless

  20. Such a pretty photo of you, Jacqueline... You've got the right wig and it's really suitable with your face. Love your card too.. God bless you, too...

  21. Jacqueline, you look so fantastic with your wig. You give me hope. I am so glad to hear you are feeling well.

    I love your card and design. What a great use for the cage stamp.

    I will sent a mail today.

    Hugs Helle

  22. Oh you look fabulous ... this looks better than my hair!! your card is beautiful ... glad to know you are feeling better ... take care ...

  23. Hallo Jacqueline !
    You´re looking beautiful with your
    wig and you haven´t lost your warm smile!
    I like your card and wish you a wonderful sunday.
    Hugs, Sabine

  24. Jacqueline, You look beautiful in your wig. The card is lovely with the bird and cage. Stay strong. Valerie

  25. Your spirit and faith shine through your smile, Jacqueline. Your cards are beautiful creative works. I am keeping you in my prayers.

  26. Your photo look wonderful.. That wig looks perfect on you.. It is amazing how real they look now days!! That is such great news that you have a lot of energy. Can't wait to see your project..

    Your card here is so pretty. Looks just like your style that I love so much..

    Hugs, Linda

  27. Oh my ... you look gorgeous! Your eyes sparkle and your smile brightens my day! I'm sorry, did you say something about a wig ... what wig?

    Your card is wonderful ... the muted color palette is beautiful. I love that little birdie!

  28. You look good, Jacqueline! Nice photo of you. And your card is great as always!! Take care. Petra

  29. Your hair looks very stylish and lovely! My mom had the cashmere caps as it was winter when she lost her hair. I think scarves would be beautiful. Your card is beautiful and lovely warm colors.

  30. You look so pretty Jacqueline. I'd never had known it was a wig had you not told us. Keep that positive energy flowing and you'll be back to full speed in no time!
    hugs Lynn
    P.s. I always love your cards!!!!

  31. Gorgeous card, Jacqueline! You look beautiful, by the way... I *never* would have know that was a wig unless you said so. Much good health to you!

  32. Hey lovely, I am impressed by the shine and gloss of your wig. Looks great and so do you! Did you get my card? Thinking of you! Will come and see you soon xxxx


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