Monday, July 4, 2011

Blue and Green

Hope you had a lovely weekend. It has cooled down a bit here, but the temps will go up again. Tomorrow I start my third session Chemo. I am half way to the finish line and in September my hair should start growing again, I can't wait! It has been too hot to organize myself to take photos of the cards I received, there are so many I don't know where to start! Thank you to everybody who thinks of me!

Just recently a Dutch Christian friend sent me these words:

Difficult moments . . seek God
Quiet moments . . worship God
Painful moments . . trust God
Every moment . . thank God

have a little share today, quick and simple - I can't get my head around difficult cards for a while. What I did which is something I hadn't thought of before. I stamped the bottom half of the stamp and then left a gap and stamped the top half of the stamp. In that gap I placed the sentiment. I'm sure there are many stamps that lean towards this little trick, to use your stamps in different ways. I still want to get the maximum out of them!


  1. As always, just lovely, my favorite colors, too! I'll have you in my prayers tomorrow, my friend. And thanks for sharing that little quote - it will surely be something to remember during difficult times. Sending hugs!

  2. Beautiful cards do not have to be complicated Jacqueline, it's a lovely card! Blessings for tomorrow, I'll keep you in my thoughts, take care, hugs, Ira x

  3. This is such a lovely card, Jacqueline, with beautiful colors! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that this third round goes smoothly for you. Lots of love and hugs!

  4. This is a great idea and such a lovely result!
    Thanks for sharing the quote, it's very timely. I'll be praying for you tomorrow.
    love and hugs!

  5. Hi Jacqueline,this is so beautiful!
    What a fabulous idea, I shall certainly give it a try......
    My heart will be with you tomorrow
    and you know my prayers are for you
    each and every day....
    chris richards

  6. Hello Jacqueline,
    You are still on my mind.
    I think that HE is with you, today, tomorrow, every minute.
    Wishing you lots of strength in hospital tomorrow!

    Your card is gorgeous!!!

  7. Gorgeous card! and good luck tomorrow!

  8. Beautiful card ... love the stamp ... hope all goes well for you ..

  9. Halfway there,
    Hair will grow back,
    God is present for you, all positive thoughts, you are doing okay Jacqueline,even though you know that the treatment will make you feel lousy, for awhile. It will pass, my friend, just take one day at a time.
    The card is gorgeous,I am pleased you are still receiving cards, we do not expect you to post them up all the time,we just need to know that they are lifting your spirits.
    Good luck tomorrow.

  10. Another stunning card - simple elegance ;)
    Thinking of you with your next treatment Jacqueline... the quote is one to treasure. Best wishes, Rx

  11. Your idea tio use the stamp this way is brilliant and the result is beautiful.

    I hope things will go well tomorrow and that you won;t be too sick afterwards....
    Thinking of you.....

  12. Your card is so lovely Jacqueline ... so soft! I have that stamp and never would have thought to use two colours ... it's beautiful! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and knowing that God will keep you close to his heart, I'm sending you lots of hugs! love Susanne

  13. very clever card Jacqueline. Best of wishes for tomorrow. My thoughts are with you. Love the colours you used on this card

  14. This is a fabulous idea Jacqueline! A wonderful new use for many a background stamp ... your card is beautiful!

    Thought and prayers going your way ... and plenty of hugs too!

  15. Just gorgeous.. Love the way you used both colors here.. I will have you in my prayers..

    Hugs, Linda

  16. I will be thinking of you as you go for your chemo tomorrow! I love that quote your friend sent you, so beautiful! What a neat idea to use your stamp like that, I need to look at my stamps again to see which ones lend themselves to that idea! You take good care! Bug HUgs
    Brenda XXX

  17. Lovely colors and card, Jacqueline!
    I will keep you in my thoughts and
    prayers and hope that tomorrow is
    an easier treatment than the previous

  18. Beautiful work again, Jacqueline! The colors are cool...nice when you are in a hot season. My best college friend just had her 12th chemo treatment; she has not been able to consider when it ends. I love your saying. Be well.

  19. I hope everything went well today. Thinking of you! And your card is great! Hugs, Petra

  20. Wow! Totally beautiful. You are such an inspiration.

  21. Beautiful card and great idea, I will have to try that. I love the little quote from your friend, too - I'm going to copy that one and save it in my quotes file - so very true, so very inspirational.

  22. Love how you split the colors from the top and bottom. Beautiful design! Gorgeous card.


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