Friday, July 22, 2011

Botanical #3

Just have too many stamps for this theme over at the Moxie Fab blog not to have another try!
This grid is made up of two stamps from Crafty Individuals, stamped twice on a distressed background. The panels have been distressed with bundled sage and chipped sapphire.

And a little lavender sachet:

It all of a sudden dawned on me how botanical this Bird Collage stamp was from Hero Arts.

I am in the process of making these square little lavender sachets. I have harvested and hung up the lavender bunches in the garage, just waiting for them to dry.

These are so easy to make and when done, you just throw them in a drawer or cupboard and you keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh. I usually have one next to my pillow in bed. Lavender keeps away moths and insects and apparently helps you to sleep!

This last card uses old Anne Griffin stamps, it might look more vintage than botanical. Distressed all the panels and then stamped. I colored the roses in with watercolor pencils.

 Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. The grid card is so perfect, so pleasing to the eye !
    The lavander satchet is just so sweet....I bet it smells wonderful.
    Reminds me of past holidays in lanquedoc region, love the wine from there and the waterolour card
    is really pretty!
    Thankyou Jacqueline for stirring up all those wonderful memories !
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. Lovely projects - the soft blues and greens of your grid card are so restful ;)
    TFS, have a good weekend, Rx

  3. These are so beautiful Jacqueline! I think this challenge was made just for you! I love that Lavender sachet! Have a really great weekend and rest.

  4. i just found your blog while hopping around :D
    you make lovely cards and
    the lavender sachet is so sweet!
    if blogger allows me to follow, i'll certainly do so :D

  5. Awesome creations Jacqueline, that lavender sachet is supercool! I can imagine you going into your garden and pick the lavender yourself, squeezing the petals in order to release the lovely odour! Just exquisite! Have a wonderful weekend, Ira

  6. Another post filled to the brim with beauty. Your grid card is amazing; blue is my favorite color and this card is fabulous!
    Love your lavender sachet too and the "vintage"card with roses is another handmade beauty.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better....

  7. All are so beautiful, Jacqueline. Your grid card is perfect, lovely images and calming colours. The lavender sachet is gorgeous, the image is perfect for this project. Your final card is also gorgeous.

    Hope you have a restful and calming weekend.

    Chris x

  8. Hi Jacqueline. What a wonderful post today! Love both cards! The grid one is so beautiful in the blues and greens and the pink one is gorgeous! Love that little lavender sachet. . .what a neat idea! I hope you have a lovely weekend too! I'll be thinking of you. . .Hugs!

  9. I don't think I'd have thought to pair up the bundled sage and chipped sapphire, but they are gorgeous together - must go play with them! LOVE that first card, and your sachet turned out really nice! Hope you are feeling better, gaining some strength, and sleeping well!

  10. What beautiful cards and that Lavender sachet is awesome. Just amazing Jacqueline

  11. This sachet si a great idea and your botanical cards are so beautiful !!!
    Have a fine weekend, Sabine

  12. Jacqueline, gorgeous cards! A friend just game me some lavender and now I will know what to do with it. (I've had a bit of trouble posting on your blog lately, so glad I was able to comment today.)

  13. I just LOVE your grid cards..
    This one is so beautiful.. I keep saying I am going to make some Lavender sachets.. My girl friend makes them and they are just so beautiful.. Just like yours..

    Take care my friend you have been in my nightly prayers..

    Hugs, Linda

  14. Hi Jacqueline. You are the Queen of grid card. You have such a eye for colors and pattern. The card is GORGEOUS and the colors are my favorit.

    Love the rose card. It´s very pretty and romantic.

  15. Oh, Jacqueline, these are all gorgeous! You are definitely GREAT at this botanical theme, that's for sure!

  16. Hi Jacqueline,

    You made some beautiful pieces while I was on holiday. I hope you're doing well at this moment. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Hugs to you!

    Groetjes, Petra

  17. lovely cards and I like the lavender bag idea..I usually make paper sachets but this is lovely..what kind of ink do you use to stamp on fabric and is it a kind of muslin you stamp on?
    sending love and good wishes x

  18. Wow, you've been busy - and so beautifully creative! Love your pieces, they are all wonderful.

  19. These are all so beautiful. I love the colors of the grid card. The sachet is divine ... I can just image how wonderful it smells. Oh my. And the roses of your third piece speaks to me ... it's lovely.

    Thank you for making me stop and enjoy the beauty you have to share with us.

  20. I love this grid card ... so beautiful and your lavender sachet ... I always collect mine too and have a couple of bags hanging on my bed ...

  21. Charming Sachet and so wonderful to have them laying around the house. Lovely grid card they always inspire me!

  22. Bonjour, Jacqueline! Thanks yet again for linking up to the Fanatical About Botanical challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)


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