Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello ladies, I hope you are not too cold where you are. I heard that the weather in some parts of America feels like Spring already. Next week it should go up to 12°C again here, which is better than these ice cold winds! When I'm warm inside I don't mind a bit of snow though.

Just sharing some cards I made with the colour-blocking technique, which involves masking to block off the inked areas.

I have been creative in other ways too... I am discovering cookery as never before and I love it!!

I even make my own chicken liver paté now (see above) and finally making use of the gorgeous herbs from the garden. Ages ago I found these old French Terrine pots (firefast) at a rummage sale, so happy with them now!

The Lemon tart is a recipe which uses a whole lemon, no squeezing out the juice or grating the rind - the whole lemon went in the Food Processor in thin slices - these are the kind of recipes I'm looking for! If this appeals to you too here is the recipe.
In all the twenty years I have been in France I have never made my own Paella - but I did last night. I received a beautiful Cook Book which is called 'Ministry of Food', from Jamie Olivier (an English man), from a flickr friend called Betty from the USA. Can you imagine - how generous the American ladies are. Thats where I learned a simple recipe for Paella and it was delicious. It gave me a sense of satisfaction. I couldn't take a picture because it was evening. And tonight, because it is DH's birthday I am going to treat the family to a lovely couscous!

Betty, I am forever thankful to you for this book which is helping me cook in a new and exciting way!

I think that only a couple of new stamps might resuscitate my stamping inspiration... but that will have to wait a week!

So thats the news until now from my side of the world.
Have a great week!


  1. your cards are beautiful...
    what a nice gift
    happy cooking :D

  2. I can smell that paella from here Jacqueline and your cards are just as delicious !! Say Happy birthday to DH
    Chris richards

  3. wow! what a creative spirit you are Jacqueline! I love your cards...really soooo beautiful. And lemon tart? wow- maybe print the are teasing us with these gorg food pics!

  4. Save me a piece of the lemon tart...I'm on my way over!!
    I love your color blocking designs, so different! Beautiful work.

  5. Beautiful cards today, Jacqueline! And I like seeing what you've been doing in your kitchen, too - keep on sharing those kinds of things. I'll pass on the pate, but that lemon tart looks yummy - your description of it reminds me of an old Shaker recipe in this country for lemon pie.....the lemons in it are sliced paper thin and layered in the crust. Really pretty to look at! Have a great day today, my friend, and I hope some of our warmer weather makes its way across the pond to you!

  6. I am so glad to hear you're enjoying new recipes, dear Jacqueline! What a nice gift! Thank you for sharing I may order this book for myself as today my husband wants me to choose a book for myself from A friend is coming from the US to visit and he'll bring the books.

  7. What lovely, lovely cards! I like the technique you used.
    Your culinary endeavors sound theraputic and so delicious. I love spending time in the kitchen and making something different. The liver pate' is making me hungry!

  8. How fun that you've discovered the joy of cooking! Your lemon tart looks delicious sitting that pretty plate.
    I've been admiring your color blocked cards at Flickr and I'm thinking I may try some too, these lovelies have inspired me!
    I love your new blog header too!
    blessings to you, my friend.

  9. What a great post Jacqueline! So great you are in the spirit to try new cooking ideas, I love doing that too, but need to do it more! Love teh look of that CHicken Liver Pate! And I am going to have to look for the Paella recipe! I ADORE Jamie Oliver, I have most of his books, not this one, so I'll add it to my list! As for your colour blocking...very Jacqueline! I love that you are so unique like that, you love to try new things! It's what makes you special...amongst many other qualities of course! Hugs, Brenda XXX

  10. Oh, those cards are so pretty, and the food looks yummy! Here in my state of California, the weather is very nice this winter. Warmer than usual. My sister lives in Stelzenberg, Germany, and says it's been terrifically cold there. I hope you all keep warm!

  11. Love your beautiful technique! Really perfect masking! This is probably one of the
    mildest winters we've ever had. There were definitely some cold days but much warmer and drier than previous years! Glad you are keeping cozy inside!

  12. Loving the look of your lemon tart nearly as much as your cards

  13. What a yummy post.. That tart looks delish!! And I love the design of your cards. They are gorgeous...

    It nice and warm here in the desert. It does feel like spring...

    Hugs, Linda

  14. Beautiful blocking. Love the way you mixed up the stamps and the colors. Lovely! Your food looks delicious!

  15. what beautiful cards Jacqueline. I love the way you did your blocks. I'm going to try that soon. And your cooking looks so yummy.

  16. I LOVE your cards ... I've never seen this technique before and it looks stunning ... beautifully done ... and I love pate ... think I will come to your house for dinner! And I am a Jamie Oliver fan too ... enjoy your day

  17. Fab technique, the result is really beautiful. Your dishes look too yummie!

  18. Love your cards, Jacqueline! It looks like you've found another hobby ;-)

  19. Hi Jacqueline.

    Such lovely cards and what a fun technique. Love the soft colours on both card.

    I hope your neck i better now and that you at all feel better. You often have been in my mind

    Big hugs


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