Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creating with wine labels

My son, Joel, has been working with his boss doing some interior work in a 'Cave', which is the French name for the place where one can buy and taste wine. Not only was he allowed all the wine he wanted, he saw a whole lot of labels in the bin which he kindly brought home for his mum!! He was so happy that he had all the wine he needed for his marriage which will be in September. Shall I show you a picture of him and Vivian, I'm so happy to have a daughter-in-law and they have found an apartment in the village we live too.

It will be all ready for them to move in after their wedding. Vivian still lives in Holland so it is very difficult for them to be separated for so long.

So I proceeded with some creative work to alter the wine labels and made some cards, so quick and easy. Love new things! The above label is how it looks before being altered and below is the altered label on a card.

Here are two more examples, the label is different, so the possibilities are different on how to alter it.


I am going to be sharing a 'Kitchen Tip' so now and then. It's funny but I seem to be learning new things every day at the moment in this domain. It is just common sense when you think about it. Today's tip is about Steaming. Do you have to have a Steamer? No! I saw Jamie Oliver do this - He put a saucepan with water on the hob and placed a Colander in it - then he placed his washed vegetables, stalks down, into the Colander, covered it with silver foil and that was his steam machine! Why didn't I see that before? It's just pure common sense!  I would love to hear your tips!

Another thing I have to share with you. A long time ago I heard somebody preach about the Widow in the Bible who the prophet Eli visited when there was famine in the Country. He asked her to make him some bread and she said that she didn't have anything to give him. He said to her 'What do you have in your house' - and that stuck to me. Now, often when I need something - I think first, what do I have in my house, and very often I find something to solve my problem. This time it was all about a Grater. I wanted one like Jamie had - a special one which could grate ginger, lemon, oranges, Parmesans... whatever - and I saw they were very expensive. DH told me to wait a couple of weeks and then I could order one. However much I thought about it I knew that I didn't have an equivalent 'in my house' anywhere. Then DH said to me that he had brought home a box of Kitchen utensils a while back which was a gift with an order he placed for office supplies at work. He said - Go look in the box. I had not thought of that! And lo and behold, a fantastic grater for all fine grating was in the box with a handle on it - just perfect. Needless to say it has a very special place in my kitchen!


  1. loved seeing the pic of your son and daughter-in-law - very handsome couple. your wine label cards are so neat - must be fun to have such a variety to "play" with. as for steaming i use a bamboo one that sits on top of pan of boiling water - they are quite cheap at asian stores or markets. then you don't have to mess around with foil. happy cooking!

  2. What a lovely picture and good news about your son and his fiancee! So happy for you and your family. Your cards are beautiful! Love the labels and such a nice addition. Great tips in the kitchen. (An area I very sadly lack in!)

  3. Gorgeous photograph Jacqueline of your son and his fiancee, how exciting for you. I love all the cards you have created with the labels so pretty, I am lucky enough to have one of Jamie's graters and I have to say its an amazing kitchen aid, so useful.

  4. they are indeed a handsome couple...congrats to them!!!
    love your cards
    you are so creative!

  5. Such a fine looking couple! You must be so excited about the upcoming wedding!
    How thoughtful of your son to get those tags for you. (My dad often supports my crafting hobby with little surprises!). I love what you made with them so much! Now that is thinking outside of the box!
    I came with something useful in the kitchen. When I make pies the crust often browns (somethimes even burns) too quickly. I took a large piece of aluminum foil and traced my pie plate slightly larger than it actually was and cut that out. I then cut out a smaller circle in the center. This made a large ring that I could place over the pie when the outer crust was beginning to brown. This prevents burning and finishes baking the center of the pie.
    I think I am going to enjoy your tips!

  6. Cograts! To a daugthe in law and to the wonderful cards

  7. What a joy-filled post Jacqueline! I'm so happy for Joel and Vivian; how wonderful that you will have a sweet daughter-in-love close by too! I love what you've done with the wine label art, so creative! And from the previous post your cards with the new frame stamp are so lovely. I truly enjoy your wonderful posts, especially the cooking features. You just might get me interested in cooking again!
    bless you, my friend!

  8. Such a lovely post to read; it's fantastic to read that there is a wedding coming up this year. Congratulations; such a wonderful event to look forward too!
    I love what you did with the labels; your cards are breathtaking!

  9. I agree with Stella - such a wonderful post to read ;) The happy couple look so beautiful!!
    I've always loved the look of wine labels (well most of them ;)) and you've done an amazing job adding them to cards! So inspiring - I think I will need to see if I can remove some labels from the bottles. I really would like to do something like this, too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. I stop by too seldom at your blog, I am affraid...
    Take care, Jacqueline.

  10. Congrats, with the lovely couple. This is good news to look forward to.

    I love how you used the Wine labels. It's fin to use alternative things for scrap. Your cards is amazing and very creative. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I can only imagine how pleased you will be to have another woman around! So happy for you:)
    It seems you have trained your son the right way -- he knows how to spot useful ephemera for Mum!
    And what good use you made of it, too.

  12. How exciting... a wedding to look forward to in the summer, What a handsome couple. I love your label cards. Isn't it amazing how some things just come when you need them.

  13. Oh that's wonderful news, how lovely to have a wedding to look out for! Your son and future daughter-in-law look very happy together. Love your cards, they're oh so lovely and sweet.

  14. What a very handsome couple they are ... and great news about the wine! ... I love what you did with the labels ... I love wine labels (quite like the wine too!) and I'm glad you got your grater!

  15. What wonderful news to hear of your son, Joel! Congrats to them both, how exciting! Love your use of the wine labels, very exquisite!

  16. So many pretty cards.. That was so sweet of your son to think of how you could use those labels.. It looks wonderful on your card. I am going to love hearing all about your Kitchen tips. I have already learned something I didn't think of!!

    Hugs, Linda

  17. Hi Jacqueline, what a lovely couple they make !! Also your cards are so cleverly thought out and very lovely.
    My eldest daughter is getting married also at the beginning of october in Las vegas.....We'll have to swap pics,its so exciting !!!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  18. hi Jacqueline,

    finally found the time to visit your blog.so nice that you share kitchen tipps.love them!!your cards and photos are gorgeous as always.sending much much love to you and a prayer full of music!
    Hugs, Franziska..enjoy the weekend!!!

  19. What a lovely couple! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As always, your card is beautiful and the wine labels are a fabulous idea. Thank you for the kitchen tip ... I do not have a steamer and how simple this would be. Steamed vegetables are so much better than any other way to prepare them. I'm surely going to try this!

  20. These are spectacular Jacqueline! I love the first card so much!


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