Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas cards for Scrambles

Yes, there were tears in the car yesterday. David started tearing up and I started...
I am so happy to have him home so that I can pamper and love him to bits. He seems to drink it all in. When he went to bed last night, he started looking all around him, just remembering his room, his cupboard, his springy warm water-bed. He was snoring in no time! Care-ladies can't take the place of a mum and I've noticed that it may take quite some time before David finds his rhythm. Apparently he won't take off his shoes, as if to say, I want to go home. Even in the evenings, he sits with his shoes on and they have difficulty getting him into bed... I am going to be phoning and calling in more often I think.

Today is a 24 hour scramble day on the Hero Arts Flickr Gallery. Different volunteers take it in turn to  host a 45 minute card-making time with a special theme. So, as it includes all time periods, I was able to take part.

This was for the theme 'Use a tag on your card'. I was going so quickly because I had to go shopping that the C on the Christmas wasn't complete. This is a HA sentiment.
I found these window cards very cheaply at the ALDI. I used the front of a 6x6 Christmas pad which I have kept for ages and adhered it to the back. Then I picked out a small tag and adhered a small snowflake and two branches which were die cuts from Betty (thanks Betty) to make a snow flower arrangement.

This is a card for my son to give to his girlfriend this Christmas. Cecilia's challenge was "All that glitters is not gold, or silver". The card had to glitter but not with silver or gold.

And this photo was taken this week Thursday. The weather was so warm that my daughter in law with her two friends, took my crafting supplies outside to play with them! Can't imagine that now, we have had to light the fire today!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Gorgeous cards ... i'll have to keep an eye out in our Aldi!! I'm sure David will settle in time ... It's early days ... keeping you in my prayers

  2. Your cards are lovely, Jacqueline! You always add just the right creative touch to your cards. The young ladies look like they had a wonderful time playing with your supplies, I'm so glad you shared the picture.
    I'll be praying for your family, especially David, that you will all adjust to your new situation. I know God will bless you!

  3. You cards are, as always, just gorgeous!

  4. Your cards are lovely as always Jacqueline. Feel for you in your situation and I hope David settles in soon bless him


  5. How cute David is keeping his shoes on. God love him. I'm sure he felt peace in his room and his warm bed. I'm sure he knew it was you Mom.

    Both of those Christmas cards are just beautiful.

    So glad the girls enjoyed your stamping supplies outside in the nice sun.

  6. Beautiful inspiration here as always! The cards are gorgeous. I am praying that it will become easier for David and you. What a joy to have a DIL who likes to craft too!

  7. what gorgeous cards Jacqueline. Glad you had time to play in the scrambles. I really like your tree card. Great design.

  8. beautiful cards, jacqueline!

    david will soon adapt to his new home and will have the best of both worlds. i'm sure the ladies there are kind and loving, but they can't take the place of his mum. hang in there!

  9. Such beautiful cards. You and your family will be in my prayers my friend.


  10. Jacqueline wat zijn je kaarten altijd weer prachtig. Altijd leuk om bij jou te kijken en je verhalen te lezen. Geniet van het weekend en het feit dat David bij jullie is. Ja het zal veel tijd kosten; voor David en voor jullie. En zoals je schrijft; vaker bellen. Ik snap je he-le-maal. Doe wat je hart je ingeeft. Je bent zijn moeder... en hoe lief anderen ook voor hem zijn en hoe goed ze ook voor hem zorgen...dat weegt niet op tegen zijn moeder.

  11. Your cards are all gorgeous Jacqueline, what a fun time we had this weekend. I managed to join in three challenges and really enjoyed the excitement.

    I hope David settles soon, I am sure he will, looks like the girls are having fun with your stamps, how lovely to be able to sit outside.

  12. I adore the card with the cut out, so pretty.
    (and I'm praying for the day I have a DIL who likes to craft as well! Or a grandaughter?)

  13. Zwei wunderschöne Karten sind dir da gelungen.

    Liebe Grüße und viel Sonnenschein im Herzen

  14. Jacqueline, So happy to see you highlighted as a MOXIE FABER!
    Loved the interview, so insightful.
    I love seeing the girls working outside with your stash. Have a Blessed day!

  15. You are soooo Moxie Fab! I was simply delighted when your photo appeared in my reader this afternoon. I enjoyed reading your wonderful profile!
    What beautiful cards! I just love what you did with the Christmas tree and "sparkle"...the colors are so warm!

  16. Congratulations on being Moxie Fab!!!!Loved getting to know more about you.God is good and has blessed you with much talent.

  17. Thanks for the updates on David, Jacqueline! I am sure it will take some time...keep checking on him will definitely help you/David during this transition. Gorgeous Scramble cards! Adore them both! Congrats on the Moxie Fab feature today. You had been Moxie Fab all along and have inspired so many, including me! HUGS!

  18. I hope David settles into his new home soon. I can only imagine what a difficult time this has been for you. I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

    Congratulations on the MF feature, Jacqueline! I have long admired your talent and have enjoyed learning more about you.

  19. Your cards are always beautiful and amazing, Jacqueline!
    Congratulations on your Moxie Fabber spotlight today, it was really lovely to get to know you a little better :)

  20. I just came over from the Moxie fab world to say CONGRATULATIONS for being the moxie fabber of the week! So well deserved, i enjoy your blog and admire your cards. Elegant, well composed with a flare of whimsy! Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  21. Congratulations on your Moxie Fab feature. You so deserve it, your cards are so subtle and beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that I have just bought that gorgeous Hero Arts simple frame stamp that you use so often (which I believe is discontinued). I bought it from the on-line shop Scrapmalin in France. I am letting you know just in case you know someone else who wants one! I don't think they have many in stock though.

  22. Gorgeous Christmas cards! Congratulations on your Moxie Fabulousness!

  23. Both cards are beautiful, Jacqueline... how truly talented you are! xoxo


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