Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thank You and a Collage card

THANK YOU all so much for your uplifting comments on my last post about David. It helped me so much! The crafting community has once again proven to be a source of encouragement and positivity and it makes me so thankful for this outlet!

Although I am much better than last week my inspiration levels are very low and I'm not feeling like crafting. I miss David coming home every day at 5:45, cuddling him, feeding him and waking him up for school in the mornings. There is such a quietness in the air although he never spoke!

Here he is on Monday morning after spending his first weekend at home, we were getting ready to take him back again. His dad praying for him for the week.

And I made some cupcakes... this one is for David

So, I do have one card to share that was made as a case of my crafting friend Susanne's card. A layered college card, using Scrap basket bits and pieces. Love that when a card comes together.



  1. I'm glad God is providing you some comfort as you and your family go through this hard time. Your son seems to be adapting well and I'm sure that helps lessen the guilt. I'm sure if he could speak he would tell you how much he loves you and how grateful he is for all you've done for him. Yay for weekends when you get to enjoy him again!

  2. I am so happy to read that we were able to encourage you a bit. Maybe it;s best for David but it must also be difficult to say goodbye after the weekend. I know for sure he loves you so so much although he will never be able to speak. But in his heart he knows; and that counts....

    Your card is gorgeous; I love all these bits and pieces!

  3. Dag lieve Jacqueline, wat moet het moeilijk zijn voor jou en jullie om David zo te missen.
    En tegelijkertijd een dubbel gevoel, omdat je weet dat dit de beste keuze is.. Ik begrijp het goed, dat, hoewel hij altijd in je hart is, je hem toch mist, vooral ook het lichamelijke contact met hem. Veel sterkte om aan deze nieuwe levensfase te wennen! Ik hoop dat je de rust kunt vinden om te genieten van deze welverdiende tijd voor jezelf!

  4. Such a touching photo of David being prayed for. It brought tears to my eyes because I know it must be so hard for you to relinquish the control of his weekdays to others. But ultimately we know Who is really in control. Right?

    Your card is beautiful. It is amazing how you can gather up scraps and bits and pieces and make such wonderful art.

  5. Amen to your husband and to David. God is good! TFS with David. (Thanks for your precioius email.)
    The card is just lovely Jacqueline. Your work is as lovely as you are. Praying God will give you peace....

  6. I was quite moved at the picture of your husband praying for your son! My prayers are with you at this difficult adjustment.
    What a lovely card! I like how you stamped the bird cage on patterned paper. The colors make me happy!

  7. David is blessed to have godly parents and you are blessed that God gifted you with David. We don't know the why of everything now; but one day we will know. Love the picture of your husband with David!

    Beautiful card, as always!

  8. gorgeous card Jacqueline. And what a beautiful photo of David and his Dad.

  9. Beautiful card! And the photo of your son as well! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This card is stunning!! I just love it! ... I'm glad you are adjusting too ... thinking of you

  11. The card is beautiful. I read about your new life without David.
    ... understand you so good.. it´s a great step for him and a great let it loose for you..oh my gosh.

    I have got a brother (34) Christian with Down Syndrom . He also never learned to speak. He stayed at my parents home with them ever since he left school ...the whole day..only looking televison.. and hearing his own little world!
    we all love him so much..he is our big baby.
    My mother fights against cancer now and my thoughts go often around what will bring the future for my little brother ( he ist 15 years younger than I)when my dad and mom can´t look after him no more... so I think it is so good for your David to become independent! That´s so GREAT!

    Susi from Austria

  12. Such a lovely photo of David and hos dad. I'm glad that you are feeling a bit better this week. It's takes time.

    I love you collage card it's very Nice put together.

    Keep strong.

    Hugs Helle

  13. What a pretty card! I love it! Lots of luck to you and I hope the inspiration will return. Hugs, Hanneke

  14. Glad things are a little better. I think I would cry all day. In time you will all get used to things but that doesn't really help now. Stay strong xx

  15. That is such a heartfelt photo. My prayers go out to you my friend.

    As always your card is gorgeous.


  16. You're always in my thoughts Jacqueline! I love all the little layers on your beautiful card! Take care of yourself, I understand what you mean by the quietness being too "quiet"!


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