Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Did I say 'Orlando'?

I hope I didn't lead anybody astray when I mentioned 'Orlando' in my last post. Because no, I did not go to Disney World! It just happened to be the spot that was picked for the Annual Federation of National Offices meeting of Derek Prince Ministries, the Christian Organisation we work for, here in France.

 (These are not all of the items, I have already given some things away)

One of the highlights of my trip (and I hope I haven't disappointed you !!) was a trip to Michaels because I never go to Michael's! It must have been about three years or more ago that I stepped inside this huge store of craft goodies. Once again, I was overwhelmed. Huge paper pads, half price, only 9,99 dollars - all that paper in one pad would last me at least another three years... I couldn't believe it. So much to see, I didn't know where to look. Stamps in a rack for 1,50 - did I see that right??  Oh but I just couldn't only  think of myself - my daughter in law would love to be here... And here I was in Michael's, Orlando just two weeks ago - eagerly looking around if I noticed any of the faces from blogland, but I didn't. Yes, I found three stamps, some pearls just the size I was looking for, a leaf paper punch, some envelopes and some cardstock and of course a beautiful 12x12 paper stack - just my style - perfect!! I cuddled the items and just relished my finds. I didn't go over the top just took a few of the things I needed. Back in the hotel room, I would look at my treasures over and over and couldn't wait to get home and use them. Sunday afternoon when we arrived back  in Montpellier we were notified that our luggage had not been transported with the plane from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris - I couldn't believe it, I had to wait to pack out my crafting stuff and I SO wanted to make a card with them!! Our baggage arrived three days later....can you image the scenarios I faced wondering whether I would ever get to play with my goodies??!!

So now I will share a couple of the cards I made. This is patterned paper that I love the most! Doesn't need much added to it!

And this is a card I made using the Clock collage stamp from Hampton Art. It is a design I have used many times before, but I love changing it up with different stamps, especially the Real Flowers from Hero Arts and their Definition stamps.
Thanks for passing by! I will answer any questions anybody might have about a stamp or papers in the comments section.
I just might be able to share a couple of photos in my next post.


  1. So glad your luggage was retrieved safely!! Your Michael's finds are sure to go to great use as you have displayed this morning. I've seen that paper pack and Thought of you when I did. Simply splendid how the floral paper is peaking from the inside of the second card as well:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too, it is good to hear from you!

  2. Wow a visit to Michaels, I would love to go there. Love your goodies and the card you created.

  3. i can imagine how you felt at Michaels - there's an all paper crafting store where i visit my daughter and i never know which way to turn first - and it's so hard to choose - love the cards you made with your new good stuff! i live a 5 minute drive from a Michaels and it's "old hat" to me - but they do have such good deals and with a 50% off coupon i love it even more.

    1. 'Old hat'! I can imagine for the American ladies that going to Michael's is not one of the pleasures of life!

  4. So glad the airline came through with your luggage because the cards you created with your finds at Michael's are lovely. Michael's is an ok store and conveniently nearby, but the stamping and card making inventory is not always updated. However, with a 40% or a 50% off coupon, I can usually find something to purchase. LOL! I do remember how much fun it was and that I was overwhelmed on my first visit. Glad you had the opportunity to visit!

  5. BEautiful makes again, Jacqueline, with gorgeous new product! That paper fits you, I lOVE it too, no Michaels around here :)

  6. Oh sounds like you had a fun trip at Michael's, great find!! Beautiful cards Jacqueline!!

  7. I can only dream of a place like Michaels.... I went to a stamp fair earlier this year and had a ball, but overall that only happens once a year and I don't generally get there :-). i can imagine your agony waiting for you luggage.
    Love your cards, and the paper is gorgeous - well chosen!

  8. Well you made some beautiful cards with your Michael's finds! Lovely cards and that paper is wonderful!

  9. I'm so glad your goodies arrived safely! I also wouldn't mind a trip to Michaels and Jo-Anns in the next couple of years! Michael has not been to the USA once this year so I have not had a chance to play with anything new. Not that I need anything, but I just can't get enough of birds, butterflies and flowers and there are so many new ones out there now! BUT, he just told me he will be going early November, so maybe I will just get a few little items afterall! You know how much I love your style and these cards are superb!

  10. Oh how I would love to go to Michael's...... I would need so many suitcases! Beautiful cards Jacqueline!

  11. Gorgeous cards Jacqueline!
    Thank You~

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