Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy mail winner, tags and project

Hello, this Easter Monday.

My winner is Maxine D. Random Org picked nr. 10.
Maxine, could you send me your address?  Look for my e-mail on the reply to your comment.

As you know I just love recycling. Today I'll share some tags that were inspired by a Pinterest post. Before the paper bin gets emptied I salvage every piece of patterned paper that the punch, either round or square will fit into to squeeze out the remaining precious paper. I used sewing to attach the pieces which gives added texture. I love sewing on paper, so much better than on fabric.

I quickly made this for my grand-daughter Hanaë.I don't know whether you have heard of  the magazine Daphne's Diary, well it was in there.

Have a blessed week!


  1. Gorgeous tags, Jacqueline, and what a great idea to just punch out all those scraps! Just love your little Easter barnyard too!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I paint heart-patterned papers with my left-over paint from other projects. Try to never wash paint from the brush down the drain. Lovely idea for your tags. Must try it with some added stamping also.

  3. just love these tags you made here...and the texture added with the stitching..and what an adorable set for your little granddaughter!

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  5. What beautiful tags and so simply made - they are often the most striking. I hate throwing out paper and hoard my off-cuts to make into stripy backgrounds.
    Your barnyard scenes are a delight :-)
    So excited to see I am a winner! I am having email issues at the moment and my account has been 'frozen' - I will contact you as soon as I can get this sorted.

  6. Wow what a fantastic way to upcycle those pretty papers!! Thanks for sharing Jacqueline! The Easter barn yard is so cute!

  7. I love your tags! What a brilliant way to use up bits and pieces.
    I just spotted the free lavender printables from Paper Craft Inspirations Magazines. It thought of you when I saw the third sheet!

  8. cute tags, great idea to use up those scraps! Yes I have heard of that magazine, our book store carries it, such a darling project, so sweet!


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