Sunday, April 8, 2018

Magazine and paper recycling

Through the Cuttlebug I have discovered more than just paper cutting of designer papers - I have been seeing my old 'gathering up dust' magazines being transformed into tags and grid designs! This 'bug' has gotten me in its grips because it has opened up new doors for recycling and enjoying the process!

First of all, my sewing work-place. Hubby had his eye on the panoramic view when he had this conservatory built, unfortunately, the humidity is no good for paper so I had to relocate, but I can sew here as my love for paper-sewing has grown too. This Cherry tree survived a recent hail storm and gives such pleasure to have such a view! Btw, I made the fabric lamp too.

This share is of my lucky find of a Terracotta table in a second-hand shop just down the road for a spot price, including the two chairs. It is stylish and can withstand the rain. 

These tags (above and below), four of which were magazine pictures which I love, cuttle-bugged into tags and stitched on one side using various punched out circles or squares (from scraps), either from designer papers or old books, and a die-cut leaf (below). Just love doing this.

Finally a card with one of my die-cut roses which I love working with too.
That's it for today!
Enjoy a peaceful Sunday,


  1. Gorgeous creations and a lovely post! Jo x

  2. Your tags and card are just beautiful, Jacqueline! And, the table and chairs look so pretty sitting in their new home. Happy Spring to you!

  3. what a gorgeous view you have from your sewing room and love the little table and chairs - always so fun to find a good buy - and your tags are so cut - love the die cut rose on the card.

  4. I had to do a double take when I spied the chair in your sewing room. I have two chairs in my craft/computer room and that is the exact same chair I'm not sitting in now. It was purchased at our annual church rummage sale a few years back for a very good price! So I appreciate your good bargains, too! Your home is lovely and I love your tags. Perhaps, I should look in the very large basket of Victoria magazines, I've saved over the years and use them now! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

    1. The chair is from Ikea and they are still good to sit on! Yes, give it a go with a nice magazine picture, especially if the quality of paper allows it.

  5. Oh that is a lovely view to see while you are sewing. Great idea using recycling to make your tags they look terrific and your flower card is lovely too!

  6. What amazing and exquisite tags and die cuts Jacqueline - I am inspired by your recycling!
    p.s. I have managed to email you today

  7. Your tags are gorgeous Jacqueline and I love the pretty view from your sewing room.

  8. Fabulous tags & card, Jacqueline - just love how you reused the magazine pages! Beautiful home decor too - just found some great pieces!!

  9. beautiful work as ever! just love that little tag with the red braid on..sometime I must try stitching on paper too...

  10. This whole post was such eye candy! I enjoyed it all so much...Your lovely view...table, elegant and creative! And you beautiful card! You are an artist with paper!


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