Thursday, November 6, 2008

It seems a long time ago...

... that I shared on my blog. Got back from Holland yesterday evening where DH and I had a super time! Well, happy we even landed in the Netherlands last friday after a very BUMPY flight. We were warned that there were heavy head winds but I didn't expect to hold on to my seat for twenty minutes while the plane shook like crazy!
We had rain and cold weather the whole time we were there!

Our son was baptized on sunday and it was a great day, also seeing a lot of our dear friends who we haven't seen for such a long time.
It was René, his dad who is here on the left, before and after Joel is immersed in water. God has done a wonderful work in our family.

(Photo made by Margreet van Straalen 2007)

I have received three lovely photos of places in our village which were taken by friends of ours when they visited us in the summer. This is in the garden of a small bed and breakfast. Why I love it is because it is so typical French! I will be sharing the other two later on.

I tried a card with versamark and chalks today. It's the HA design block. I've been feeling totally out of inspiration for a while now, I think it's because I'm just too busy with other exiting things!

I received a lovely e-mail which I am quoting here about the bird picture I posted on my last blog entry. Andi thought it was a fancy woodpecker (alot of people thought the same) but this is what it is:

Hi, I just LOVE your blog...I read it every day! I loved the bird picture...I love to go "birding" but have never seen anything like this in the USA!! It is a Hoopoe (Upupa Epops) an old world woodland bird! I had to look it up. Thanks for sharing, and keep making your lovely cards!!! Kathie from California


  1. How funny that someone in CA, looked up the bird to find it. I know I saw it and I had never seen anything like it either. I have woodpeckers and it didn't look like a pecker to me at least the ones I have in my yard. I liked your HA card with the versamark and chalk. Your flight sure sounded scary, glad you are home and safe. Take care.

  2. Lovely colors on the card! Congratulations on your son's baptism. I love the picture of the outside vignette. Glad you are back. The inspiration will come.. :)

  3. Jacqueline -- there is nothing like being on a bumpy airline flight to make you remember your life is truly in God's hands.

    What a wonderful occasion for your family -- how great to see your son baptized.

    I want to come sit at that little table under the window and just chat with you for a while:)

  4. How wonderful to feel the Lord's presence while surrounded by family and friends.
    The chalk card came out very nice; those design blocks lend themselves to so many techniques. I love the B & B scene; like so many that Joe and I saw last year in Italy. Those images are forever in my mind.

  5. Congratulations on your son's baptism! Glad you are home safe. Thank you for your wonderful comments over on my blog! You are too kind; I can learn a lot from you too. I love you popping pastel card, it's really pretty. Have a wonderful day!

  6. This was an experience Joel will never forget - I'm sure God will have blessed him, and all the family, through his commitment and baptism. May he continue to grow in faith and maturity, and be open to God's callings.

    I'm so glad your plane landed safely - horrors!


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