Thursday, October 30, 2008


This bird called a 'Hop' in Dutch (anybody help me with its name in English?) was walking around in our garden while the cat was just watching it from the window sill! It is a beautiful bird with a lovely calling voice.

As soon as the sun comes out these little lizards are crawling all the outside walls. They are very quick in their movements!

I will be away for a week in the Netherlands with DH. Thanks Sue for asking about our son Joël - he is still doing very well. He was home last week for half term and this weekend he will be baptized. DH René will be baptizing him together with his Bible teacher from the Church. It is going to be a big event as we have invited lots of friends who we haven't seen for years. See you again soon.


  1. What a great mix of purple tones in your card. The turquoise just pops against it. A very unique design, too.
    Best Wishes on your son's baptism...what a wonderful day for all of you:)

  2. Lovely card! I really like tone-on-tone and you did a wonderful job with it!

  3. Gorgeous card! You are an inspiration!!!!

    Wow.. how wonderful that your husband get's to baptize your son! A very special event...

    And that bird? Reminds me of a woodpecker! A fancy one!

  4. blessings to your son! The card is beautiful, but anything you lay hands on comes out terrific, Jacqueline. The lizard looks familiar; we have them all over here in FL

  5. I'm very happy to find your blog! I love your work, your cards are all beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    Blessing to your son! What a special event.

  6. Fabulous, love the layout and colours.


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