Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Christmas card and a share

A Christmas card from a card that Suzz sent me which was white and had the holly embossed print on the bottom.

So I decided to finish it as I received the new music cling stamp and I thought it would go well together. So here is the card and a little detail of the shine on the embossed stamped image.

"Let us hold fast our confession WITHOUT WAVERING".  Hebr. 10:23

I wanted to share something about our CONFESSION today. In our walk of faith it is so important to confess the Word of God in all circumstances instead of giving in to what our senses dictate to us. I believe that God allows us to go through a process to obtain this kind of faith and it can take a long time!!

This week I read something Derek Prince wrote in his devotional book which I thought would bless you.
As you know DH and I work for the French Office of Derek Prince Ministries and we have 38 Proclamation Cards which cover a certain topic and what the Word of God says on that theme. It enables people to confess with their mouths what the Word says on a subject they might be challenged on and helps them exercise their faith.

There is a disconnect between faith and sight. The natural man walks by sight, trusting his senses and believing only what they tell him. But in the Christian life, the spiritual life, we should not trust our senses. Two Cor.5:7 tells us, "For we walk by faith, not by sight." Faith relates to the unseen, eternal realm that never changes.  As we relate to that world by faith, we hold fast our confession without wavering. The world of our senses is always changing, it is temporary, unstable, impermanent and unreliable.
How we respond to the pressures God permits in our lives determines whether we trust our senses or our faith. If we change our confession because of the darkness, then we are going by our senses, for in faith there is no darkness. Faith does not rely on the senses; it sees with an inner spiritual eye into the eternal realm and trusts a High Priest who is unchangeable.
A good example of this is Abraham, but that's for next time.

Have a great peaceful weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I would never think to only emboss half the card. What an inspiration today on your blog not only in your card but your words.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the holly together with the music background!

  3. Love the softness of the colors and the stamps are great!

  4. beautiful layered stamping and your details are always amazing, Jacqueline. thanks for sharing!

  5. Both are breathtaking; your card and your story...Thanks for sharing. It's definitely something to think about....

  6. Thank you for the faith boost! Excellent share from the Word of God.
    Love your card, it's so beautiful and so you!


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