Friday, November 26, 2010

Decorating an envelope?

First I want to share with you the good home that the stamps went too from my first give-away a little while back. Do you remember that Sanne won.

Look at these beauties she created for me. I sent her the Thank You cling together with the Heart Swirl flourish. I am so happy they are being used! Oh, and she sent them in a beautiful green envelope that was decorated with the Hydrangea stamp.

Back to the envelope idea. I wanted to try something different and after seeing the lovely work that Wilmi did here, I just had to have a go.

I am going to write the address on the yellow label.

Have a peaceful weekend!



  1. Beautiful envelope--what a special delivery that will be!
    Just found a robin image on "The Graphics Fairy" that would work so well with your Tag Tuesday - Christmas tag card from this past week. For those of us who don't have a robin stamp, but really like the effect!

  2. Receiving a card in such a breathtaking envelope is gift of its own....The recipient who is going to receive this will be very happy. It's a beauty Jeacqueline; I love it!

  3. Gorgeous envelope, Jacqueline! What a lovely idea!

  4. Love your envelope Jacqueline ... a beautiful keepsake! :) and both of Sanne's cards to you are lovely!! :) lavender & roses - Susanne

  5. What a beautiful envelope! Great idea and the recipient won't want to open it!

  6. awww... Sanne makes some of the sweetest cards! and your envelope is gorgeous! love the soft colors!

  7. oh wow, love that envelope, who wouldn't love to see something that gorgeous in their are so creative and so thoughtful in your crafting!
    bless you..

  8. I´m so glad you like the card and little tag I send you! I have a little post on my blog about your giveaway :)
    HUGS Sanne


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