Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Winner

Je suis la... ik ben er.... I am here to announce a unanimous winner, confirmed three times this morning. I had a number in my head (I thought that 14 would be a good number because it is the 14th of November) - then as I said I would ask my son... and he said '14', and when I told my DH he said that the number 14 was in his mind as well so...


you will be getting the stamp and extra little goodies I mentioned. Congratulations.


  1. Congrats Sanne! Always a treat to receive mail from Jacqueline!

  2. Whoooooo hoooooo - wish you could see me jumping around!!!! This is my first win of a giveaway Jacqueline - what a surprice!!!!
    Cann´t wait to get the surprice from you dear!
    Thanks Jacqueline!
    Hugs <3 Sanne

  3. Congratulations Sanne! What a lovely surprize for you this morning! lavender & roses - Susanne

  4. Yay, Sanne! So many congrats to you! Enjoy!

  5. Congrets to Sanne. She is very lucky to receive scraps and and one of your beautiful card.

    I adore your grid card. It´s so beautiful put together.


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