Thursday, August 1, 2013

My summer highlights

Hello ladies! The hot summer days have taken me out of my Craft Room, amongst other things, and I have been enjoying the pool, the Beach and lazy days just reading and resting.  I wanted to share some highlights of my time away.

My summer vacation in Scotland. DH and I got to stay in a huge Mansion from the 18th Century, totally renovated and beautifully vintage! We spent two weeks with this beautiful group of Christian leaders from USA, Colombia, Spain, England, Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland, Holland and Scotland itself.  The weather was incredible for this part of the world in the second week. Went for beautiful walks in the gorgeous countryside (with sheep and cows) and received wonderful Ministry and Prayer. I laughed so much and had some lovely times of sweet fellowhship with these people. As I mentioned, there was a huge Creativity Room in the house which even had boxes of Rubber Stamps. I made three of my Grid Home decor projects while I was there which I gave away as gifts.

 Loved the walks with my Ipad, taking pictures.

Another highlight for me was finding this ring. A great accessory for black and white clothing and just my style.

 My beautiful daughter-in-law to be, turned 21 and was absolutely thrilled with the flowers Michaël (my son) gave her.

Enjoyed having meals out with friends and watching the sun set and the afterglow.

And I finally made another card. I used the journaling card stamp from the 'Remember' stamp plate from hero Arts to create a sort of fence with flowers behind it. 

Thanks for your visit and for all the encouraging replies I had to my previous post - I so appreciate that and it just blesses me!

Oh yes, I wanted to share just a little something I am contemplating at the moment. It is about trusting God with the Whys, by Linda Dillow:
"Three of the Psalms begin with the question, Why? David wasn't the only one to ask Why? The Lord Jesus cried from the Cross "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46)? There are multitudes of whys in each of our lives, unanswered questions that tear our hearts in two. Like our Lord Jesus, we must turn our Whys into trust.
The bridge that takes us over the many Whys is trusting God to be the Blessed Controller of all things (1 Timothy 6:15). He is the Blessed Controller of our circumstances, gifts, abilities, possessions, roles, relationships and all our Whys. We acknowledge His sovereign control by trusting Him for everything - what we don't understand, can't see and what doesn't make sense to us. We accept what He has allowed today. And give all our tomorrows to Him. The inexpressible joy on the other side of yielding all control to Him is contentment and a calm heart.

Many blessings,


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your time away, it looks absolutely relaxing! I so love your card Jacqueline, the way you used that journaling card and the beautiful colours you chose for your stamping! So YOU my friend, soft and gentle! And thank you for sharing those important words. Hugs, Brenda xxx

  2. Beautiful post, Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing your photos, the gorgeous card and the uplifting message, too! Enjoy your summer days.

  3. sounds like you are having a beautiful Summer Jacqueline! love seeing your photos, Scotland sounds like an amazing place and It's on my wish list to visit too. Beautiful card, so wonderful to see your stylish creations!

  4. great photos on your post today Jacqueline. Summer has been good to you. Love the card too.

  5. Lovely photos ... what a handsome couple your son and his girlfriend make! Beautiful card Jacqueline and that ring is really lovely!

  6. Thank you for letting us enjoy with you Jacqueline, your photos are wonderful, oh and your ring is a great find, I wouldn't be able to resist anything that holds a cameo either ;-) Your son and his girlfriend are a very happy looking couple, so sweet... Take care, Ira

    Ira’s Crea Corner

  7. sounds like you have been enjoying some wonderful time away!! Beautiful stamping on your card!!

  8. Hello Jacqueline,
    Love your photos. What a beautiful place to get re-energized. So wonderful to share time with other Christians too. I like your words on what you have been contemplating. Me too. I need to just stop and pray and listen when I'm feeling unsure about what I'm going through. I need to learn to trust Him more then myself.
    I just love my new set of Hero Arts "remember" stamp set. Your card is beautiful (like always), and the text in the background, is it a stamp? It is neat.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Such a lovely post! Your time in Scotland sounds like it was just perfect. Your share was just what I needed, so glad I dropped by today! blessings

  10. I am going to savor this post and come back to it with the encouraging scriptures! Very timely...thanks for sharing!
    Another LOVELY card...oh, how I love your style! I really like grouping of flowers and colors against the HA background stamp!
    What a fun find with the ring!

  11. Such an inspiring and beautiful post with the lovely pictures and message Jacqueline. Your card is absolutely gorgeous, I'm always in awe of your creativity:-) Hugs...


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