Saturday, August 10, 2013

What if -- tested!

What if... now, I should have known it would be tested after I had written it! That same Tuesday afternoon my hubby left for a long ride to Holland for the first time on his motorbike (usually takes 13 hours by car). He likes to visit our friends there, just on his own. Everything went fine. The next day he would stop at Nancy in the North of France and on Thursday continue his journey to the Netherlands. It was 8:30 in the evening and I still hadn't got a phone call to say he had arrived and that is just not like him. He should have stopped at the Hotel around 5 in the afternoon and I had expected a call at least before 7. Then it started... the worrying... what if!! I was getting quite fretful too, and thought that my phone must be out of order. I had been calling René since 7:30 but he didn't answer, so I called a friend, who said, well call his Hotel in Nancy - yes, but which Hotel?? I rang about four hotels, getting all emotional, but he wasn't booked there. Just over 8:30 I gave him another ring and he answered! He had forgotten to tell me that he had decided to go straight to Holland without stopping....!!!!! I was crying on the telephone - how's that for faith then!! It's one thing writing it down, it's another to really trust God. If only I had listened harder for his Voice, perhaps I would have stayed calm.
I will comfort myself in saying  that at least I ate my dinner which is pretty clever when you worry! To top it all, just as I was going to treat myself to a lovely 'Magret de carnard', my gas bottle run out. No hubby to change the gas bottle either! My son wouldn't pick up his phone either - needless to say I felt very challenged by the

To top it all, the next day my husband says: 'Well it's good for you to learn to stand on your own two feet!'

Now for a little card share: using my new leafy accents stamp

I used versamark embossing powder only on one of the leaf prints, the other is just versmark stamped.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. your cards are beautiful! I'm so glad your husband is ok. My husband travels a lot and rarely gives me a list of his hotels, because he has a cell phone. I think I'm going to start making sure I know each stop, because truly, anything can happen, even when you have tons of faith!

  2. Like your pretty card, Jacqueline. I live separately from my hubby due to his job. That's where faith stands. It's hard, but I must believe in Jesus. Hugs for you.


  3. Yes, I have felt your distraught feelings as well. It does show how weak we are with out submitting all to HIM..EVERYTHING...even our greatest fears.
    Sorry you had to go through all that worry.
    Your card is Lovely.

  4. That was a big worry. I can realy understand. Lovely card you made. Like the colours together. Anneke.

  5. The "what ifs" do seem to test us! They jump right in and jumble up our faith! Nor will they be pushed to the background right away! I try to remember the tiny mustard seed, if I'm having a little "what if" moment! I can understand the "what if moment" for you and am so glad it was ok! Oh and I love the card!

  6. beautiful card love how you stamped the leaves with ink and versamark. glad everything worked out, with your hubby's trip. take care and have a good weekend!

  7. Wow, that was a test now wasn't it! I am so glad hubby was ok. I love your beautiful card Jacqueline, that one rounded corner and the beautiful colours of the butterflies.

  8. Oh Jacqueline....our dear Lord knows our circumstances and was just putting you through a small test. It's ok. We all are not perfect and fail to be perfect. He knows our hearts. We "ALL" have those what if...moments.

    By the way, your card is sweet as ever. Love it.

    Sending Hugs...Leanne

  9. It's hard work for the Lord to calm down a worried wife who loves her husband. So it took Him a while.
    Happily everything turned out to be okay.
    Your card is as gorgeous as ever with your beautiful new stamp.
    Groetjes Gery

  10. what a worry Jacqueline. It is hard to be anxious like that. So glad that it turned out okay. Your card is so pretty.

  11. Poor you... but thank goodness your DH arrived safe and sound. Your card looks truly awesome, love the pretty colours and white branch on the powerful kraft paper, truly lovely!!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  12. Such a beautiful card ... Love the stamping ... sorry about your fretful time ... But happy for you that it all turned out well.

  13. So glad this story had a happy ending. Your card is beautiful my friend..


  14. Jacqueline, Your card is beautiful! I just found you through Pinterest. More than your cards, I enjoy the inspiration I find on your blog. I would love to send you some pattern paper and stamp goodies from the USA. Would you please contact me. Blessings, Kym

  15. I think waiting to here from loved ones to see if they have made it to their destination safely is one of the hardest things for me also, you just don't want to have them harmed.
    Your card is just lovely the embossing and the butterflies are such a great touch with the background!


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