Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick scrap cards and an Update

Hello, hope everybody is doing well!
Just got back from a Wedding in the U.K. on Monday evening. Had a very nice time with family and friends and it was refreshing to have a change of air (as they say in France) and have a break from the routine.
I have an update on Rodney which I will share after the cards.

Sometimes its good just to look what is lying on your desk and assemble a card with what you find. For instance, this is what I had on my desk this morning when I looked through a little pile (see above). At first glance it doesn't seem to coordinate, but it does as you will below. There is even a little watermark at the top of the patterned paper which I had to cover up with a flower (from the scrap basket).

So this is what the little pile of scraps became. A card to send to somebody with an encouraging message inside!

Then my second card was just lying on my desk unfinished. So, I finished it to add to this post today.
I used some card stock patterned paper as my card base and some free downloads. The big sentiment in the middle is from Hero Arts.

Now a little update. Yesterday we went to see Rodney who is still in Intensive Care. It was a big operation and quite a shock to see him with two big holes in his lower body fitted with bags and tubes to drain all fluids from his intestines, well what is left of them. He has a huge bruise on the right side of his body apparently caused by internal bleeding. It is marked off so that they can monitor its spreading because it has to be stopped. He has a Catheter in his neck for feeding and other fluids and medicines he has to take, as they couldn't find a vein in his arms suitable enough. He has strappings around his legs so as not to get any blood clots.Yesterday he had a temporary intestine paralysis and was in pain. He is attached to a lot of machinery and everything is registered into a computer. He cannot get out of bed, nurses have to wash and help him with everything and he has been in IC for five days now. But he can still talk and laugh and we enjoyed being with him - but oh boy - Please GOD help this guy recover!! It was such a privilege to pray with him and to feel the presence of the Lord in his hospital room!
I have been very encouraged with your feedback and would love to ask for your continued support! Thank you!


  1. Love your use of scraps to create beautiful cards! Hope Rodney has a speedy recovery.

  2. Hello Jacqueline,
    Thank you for the update on Rodney. I will continue to pray for him.
    Like always, your cards are beautiful.
    Bobbie Lynn

  3. as rodney's mother it has to be so difficult to see your child in pain and all the other things he is enduring - but i know prayers do get answered - he will make it thru this - keeping you all in my prayers - and your cards are lovely!

  4. Oh, Jacqueline, Rodney sure is going through more than anyone should have to. I'm so sorry - I can only imagine how very difficult it is to see your son suffering so much. I will definitely continue to pray for his recovery and for your strength.

    Your cards are so beautiful! Sending lots and lots of hugs! ♥♥♥

  5. Beautiful cards as always, Jacqueline! So sorry to hear that Rodney is suffering so much. The power of prayer can definitely be effective; sending much love, hugs and prayers your way!!


  6. Jacqueline, I pray that your precious son will soon began to heal. Knowing that he is in good hands and that he is able to talk to you helps. When I read Barb's post,I was thinking what she was saying to you..She has a wonderful way of expressing her caring thoughts.
    Your card is beautiful the way you combine your patterned paper ,sentiments and stamps,especially the little birds.

  7. It is so good to know that our God is the best doctor and that he will give strengh when evereything looks so hard.
    Your Cards are wonderfull as always.

  8. Sorry to hear how bad it has been for Rodney. Praying for him to get better quickly. Your cards today are simply delightful.

  9. Beautiful cards Jacqueline ... It is often the way that our scraps make the best cards ...
    I am so sorry to hear about your son still being in ICU ... I do hope things improve soon for you all ... He's has gone through a lots and as a Mother I can only imagine how you must feel ... stay strong ... praying for you ...

  10. You have such a way of putting scraps together and they look wonderful!!
    So sorry to hear he is going through so much but glad that he is able to still laugh through all of this, and pray he heals quickly!

  11. Oh your poor Rodney... But what a fine lad he is, still being able to talk and laugh, despite his heavy ordeal. I sincerely hope that he will fully recover, keeping you all in my thoughts Jacqueline. On a lighter note now, your cards are ravishing! All the best, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  12. Praying for peace, comfort, encouragement and healing!
    Thanks for updating us.

  13. Love your blog and your talent and though we've never met, my thoughts and prayers are with Rodney and your family! God be with all of you!

  14. Hello Jacqueline, I've came upon your wonderful blog through Pinterest not so long ago and enjoyed reading very much. Your card creations are wonderful . I hoped you will stay strong as God is good .

  15. Oh, Jacqueline! I pray for healing and recovery.
    Beautiful creations as always!

  16. Beautiful cards, Jacqueline.
    Continued prayers and healing thoughts for your son.

  17. Two excellent cards as always. Prayers are forever. - Jim


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