Monday, July 21, 2014


Just to let you know that I was asked to be guest designer on the Penny Black blog for this week, every day I will showcase one of their beautiful stamps, or a stencil. I love their latest botanical stamps.

I would love for you to visit me there at this link. Thank you so much.

A meadow scene I made inspired by a challenge on the Color Q blog of a very trendy dress; using several of my solid flower stamps which are some of my all time favorites.

News about Rodney is not good. He is once again in hospital, he is too weak to stay at home and the doctors are concerned. He is not eating as he should due to pain in his gums and his intestines. It looks inevitable that he will have to have an operation- however our faith and hope in the God of Healing remains.

This is Part Two of the Eagle and Parrot story that I shared last week:

Of Parrots and Eagles, Part Two
by Charles R. Swindoll
Eagle thinkers ask the hard questions, take strategic risks, search hard for the whole truth, and soar high above mediocrity. Parrot people enjoy the predictable, routine, rehearsed words of others.
The church is overrun with parrots and virtually devoid of eagles. Too harsh? You decide. Who are the eagles today who offer fresh-from-the-mountain insights about world missions, biblical doctrines, evangelism, Christian education, apologetics, and the disciplines of the faith? Who are those who forge out creative ways of communicating the truths of Scripture so that it's more than a hodge-podge of borrowed thoughts and rehearsals of the obvious which tend to paralyze the critical faculties of active minds?
Eagles are independent thinkers.
It's not that they abandon the orthodox faith or question the authority of God's inerrant Word . . . it's simply that they are weary of being told, "Stay on the perch and repeat after me." Eagles have built-in perspective, a sensitivity that leaves room for fresh input that hasn't been glazed by overuse.
The church today is in desperate need of eagles---people who come to their tasks with the abandonment of that keen-minded Jew from Tarsus. If you need an illustration, read Romans. Like a careful midwife, Paul assists in the birth of doctrine, allowing it to breathe and scream, stretch and grow, as God the Creator designed it to do. And he isn't afraid to say it for the first time, using a whole new vocabulary and style that is as original as it is accurate. There's not as much as a parrot feather on one page of that one-of-a-kind letter.
So then, which will it be? If you like being a parrot, stay put. But if you're an eagle at heart, what are you doing on that perch? Do you have any idea how greatly you're needed to soar and explore? Do you realize how out of place you are inside that cage? Even though others may not tell you, eagles look pretty silly stuck on a perch picking over a tasteless pile of dried seeds.
I've never heard anybody ask, "Eagle want a cracker?"

 I hope you all have a wonderful week. We are having a visit from René's brother's family for three days and then are going to a Wedding in England, if the situation with Rodney allows us.

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  1. Gorgeous card, Jacqueline, and take care... Rodney is in Father's hands.

  2. saw your stunning card over at Penny Black, Jacqueline and love it. Also this one is very pretty too. Praying for your son's health.

  3. I came to our blog from Penny Black - the first time I have been here. You have the most consistently beautiful cards ever. I love the painting and everything about them!

  4. My first visit to your blog, and I love your beautiful watercoloring! I look forward ro seeing more.

  5. I'm so sorry your son is not doing well again, Jacqueline - sending lots of hugs and prayers!

    I am so excited for your guest design spot on the PB blog!!! Big congrats to you!!! Your card over there today is so beautiful! Can't wait for the rest of the week! ♥

  6. Beautiful card, lovely stamping, great words, I know to often I sit in my cage instead of getting out and spreading God's word.
    Hope things improve quickly for your son.

  7. Congrats on your guest feature over PB!! It's going to be a treat to see your beautiful work there every day this week. I am sad that Rodney's health condition has not improved yet...I hope the immediate medical attention will provide the answers and relief! Please hang in there! HUGS and more HUGS!

  8. Your beautifully detailed card makes me think of those lovely wayside flowers, so pretty!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  9. An absolutely Gorgeous card. The butterfly makes it pop.

    Will say special prayer for Rodney.


  10. I have discovered your blog via the PB blog and I am so glad I did! Your cards are just gorgeous! I live in Brittany, so the other end of France to you! We shall pray for Rodney, and for you guys too. Do you remember about Lisa Stansfield illness? She had painful mouth ulcers and lost a lot of weight...she had become allergic to her own saliva. Just a thought. Our prayers include wisdom and direction for the Doctors and Gods grace in abundance for Rodney. Big hugs from Brittany.

  11. Hello Jacqueline,
    Sorry to hear about Rodney. I will pray for him.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful card with us and congratulations to you for making the DT for Penny Black. She has wonderful stamps.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  12. This is a beautiful card.
    My first visit to your blog- but I have admired your cards on the HA Flickr site- so much that I bought wine labels too. Do you use the glossy ones, too? Any special tips?
    Thank you.

  13. Beautiful card Jacqueline! So happy to see you over at PB!

  14. Stunning card!! Congrats to you too on your design spot ... Well deserved. I'm so sorry about your son ... I really do hope he will soon be feeling better ... My thoughts and prayers go out to you

  15. The card is stunning in all the gorgeous colors and compositions. I'm enjoying the presentations on the PB guest spot too. These come into my email. God Bless your family situation, and many prayers that healing will be as needed. Thank you for another inspiring & thought provoking post. Hugs

  16. Praying that Rodney is healed soon by Gods' very capable hands. Thank you for sharing another beautiful card and congratulations on being featured as Guest Designer over at PB!

  17. Always love your cards but the thoughts about parrots and eagles helped me make a decision I'd been putting off thinking I'd rather not do it. I shall now be flying out to go and see where my hubby has been working for the last 5 weeks and then drive home with him, even though I would be just as happy to stay home....

  18. Your butterfly is amazing and I love your comments on Eagles. Great thought and creation!


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