Monday, July 7, 2014

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Yesterday we had some real bad thunder storms and hail. It was about five in the afternoon, the sky was black and all of a sudden these huge hail stones fell from the sky. They were as big as an average ice cube and in some places in the area, bigger than golf balls, and they rained down for at least twenty minutes! My chickens were in the garden and although I tried a heroic run with the umbrella to get them to safety, I could not entice them into a shelter. Later I found them huddled against a tree, soaking wet but not distressed at all. A violent wind tumbled several trees a bit further away from us but unfortunately in most areas the Wine harvest has been devastated. The vines have been ruined.

On a postive note, we had our little Seréna for an evening to look after. We did have to carry her around a lot because then she stopped crying - the days I had to do that for my children came back to me.

Now on the creativity side. I bought a new stamp: Flowers on a Stem from Hero Arts H5935:

A new stamp means new inspiration and I thought this one was worth investing in.

Adhered several layers of patterned paper before I attached a stamped panel and attached a butterfly to wish somebody a Happy Birthday.

I love it in pink too - here I used distress markers direct to stamp and sprayed with water for the watercolor look.

This is a one layer card, for the challenge on the Hero Arts Blog.

The latest news of our son is that he is not doing so good. He had to stop his medicine because of the side effects. It is puzzling the doctors. He now has a mouth full of very sore blisters and cannot eat and hardly talk. It seems his whole body is suffering. It has been like this for the last several months and he is slowly loosing heart although he keeps his faith intact.


  1. your cards are beautiful - i am so sorry about your son - i pray that the doctors will find something to cure him - i know prayers work wonders.

  2. Oh Jacqueline, you are NOT good for the budget! :)) Love all of these cards in your beautiful style. So sorry to hear that your son is suffering, and I hope that he will find some physical relief very soon. And thank you for that lovely song. I'm bookmarking it......

  3. I have the same stamp in the acrylic set, Jacqueline, but I doubt that my cards will ever look as beautiful as yours when using it!! Love these.

    Sending prayers for your son's healing; may the doctors find a solution soon.

    Glad the chickens made it through the storms!!!

  4. Beautiful cards! So sorry for your son, hopefully they will find him good medicines. Praying for hij!

  5. I am so so sorry to hear about your son Jacqueline, hopefully a good solution will soon present itself! Your cards are all gorgeous and so very refined and delicate, just lovely!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  6. I just pinned one of these cards via Pinterest today! Thanks for sharing the use of that gorgeous stamp with us Jacqueline, it is so beautiful in your hands. So sorry to hear that Rodney is not doing well again, I pray that something positive takes place soon. And thank you for sharing this beautiful song!

  7. Oh beautiful cards and words from the bible. Will pray for him and for wisdom for the doctors. Stay strong for Rodney xx

  8. Sorry to hear about all the bad storms going through your area, glad your chickens were unharmed, so sad about the vineyards. How sweet to be taking care of your grandbaby, precious times those are I am sure.

    Your cards are just beautiful, you did well buying that stamp, lovely scenes you have made with it. Love seeing it in all the different color themes too :)

    Sorry to hear about all the troubles your son is facing, it must be so hard to see him in pain, thankful God is still with him lifting his spirits, pray he lifts this pain from him and gives him healing.

  9. Your cards are so beautiful Jacqueline, glad your chickens survived the terrible storm too. I hope the doctors can find a way to help your son soon, Cathy x

  10. Dear Jacqueline,
    I'm so so sorry to hear about your son. I will say a prayer for him and you too. A beautiful Psalm.

    Your cards turned out gorgeous. I can not choose which is my favorite. Love all three.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  11. It is always so difficult when our children have problems with their Health, but thank to God we know, that he is the healer and he give ideas to the doctors to find the right medicine.
    Again some beautiful Cards from you.

  12. Your cards are simply delightful Jacqueline. This stamp is perfect for you. But sad to hear your son is not well. Sending huge prayers for his recovery.

  13. Stunning cards Jacqueline ... Love the different effects ... I'm sorry to hear about the vineyards ... how awful!
    And your son ... Oh my I do hope things improve for him soon ... I'll say a little prayer for him ...

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's health issues Jacqueline, may he find abundant faith in our Lord for all healing!
    You are so inspiring with this gorgeous stamped image, your cards are just beautiful! Big hugs coming your way:-)

  15. Your cards are perfect, Jacqueline! Each one of them is like a poetry...So sorry to hear that David is not doing well lately. May the Lord bless him and comfort him and heal him. Please stay strong and take good care! HUGS to you!

  16. Your cards are amazingly beautiful! Congrats on the HA tweet. Praying for your son and sending you hugs.

  17. Can you tell me where I can find the find joy stamp

  18. I came here looking for the one-layer card posted here after seeing it on Pinterest. I love all the cards you made with that one little stamp. I have that image, and now I have a much better idea of what to do with it.

    It has been over two years since you wrote this post, and I've been zooming forward in time to see how your son Rodney is. I feel like I've watched little Sérena grow through these past two years. I know that Rodney and your family have been through a very difficult two years and kept right on going. Finally, I came to the January 2016 post which says that Rodney and his brother were headed for the Alps, and I was so happy for all of you.


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