Thursday, February 22, 2018

Holiday and share

Hello! I have been away on holiday in Guadeloupe. My husband has always wanted to travel to the Caribbean and having saved up thousands of airmiles he got one ticket free. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and certainly not cold and we travelled around both of the small islands which are joined together, making them the 'Haute Terre (High ground) and Terre Basse (low ground). The sea is such a gorgeous torquoise color!

We took this one from the shade of a huge coconut tree. After being stung by a jellyfish I was very careful when swimming in the sea.

This is my little card share for today, using an oval and leaf die-cuts.

Thanks as always to those who visit me!
Have a lovely friday and weekend!


  1. Another beautiful card. Thank you for sharing. The photo is stunning! I grew up in North Carolina and every summer we would go to the North Carolina coast on vacation. I have been stung many times by jelly fish and I do remember how painful those stings were! However, I loved being in the water so much that I would take the chance and go in again. :)

  2. such a pretty card, Jacqueline - and so wonderful you had such a great holiday!

  3. Just love the delicate flower with the vine, Jacqueline! Perfect with the music paper!!

  4. Lovely! Both the card and the description and photo from your trip.

  5. Oh Jacqueline what a beautiful card - your colours are so soft and feminine. It looks as though you had a wonderful holiday - I am currently being straffed by mossies as I was late closing the windows this evening (It's late summer here, and still warm) At least they don't hurt as much as a jellyfish sting!

  6. Oh my that looks like a lovely area, once in a lifetime kind of trip!
    Your card is so pretty, and lovely design!


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