Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cone flower in white

The heat seems to be sapping inspiration as well as energy! But, again I got some ideas from the Hero Arts gallery and gave a slight vintage turn to these stamps. I used some craft paper, which I love and I also love stamping in white for a change!
Hope everybody is enjoying the summer!


  1. Een prachtige elegante kaart.
    Je hebt je bloem op een heel creatieve manier bevestigd, het maakt je kaart helemaal af.

  2. The white turned out remarkably well on that Kraft paper. I also like the look of the half flower.

  3. what an effect you got with the white! So stunning. Also, if you want hot, come visit me in Florida.
    But of course, I love it.

  4. Ohhhh, This is soo pretty!! WOW, I love it. Love the bling on the flowers.!!

  5. gorgeous! love your piece! hope all is well!

  6. Spain? Did you say, Spain????

    Oh to be in your shoes.. or in your suitcase!!!

    Please take photos!
    oh! The card is lovely! As always...

  7. Love this too, we need to get together again so that you can teach me more techniques!

  8. love this! The half flower embellishment is perfect for that stamp!


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